• July 12, 2020

Revealed: That's why Leo really had to die in Titanic

The death of Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) at the end of "Titanic" was for us one of the most traumatic experiences of all time. Two lovers who have found each other, fought against all odds and in the end were just happy - and then he just goes under. Even as you write these lines, the water level in our eyes is rising again.

No wonder that everyone has been asking for 20 years: could not Leo have survived? And yes, there is this theory of the "Mythbusters" from America who have studied this closely - and came to the conclusion: Jack could have placed himself next to Rose on the wooden door, and if both had their life jackets removed and fastened below the door, they would not have gone down.

Why could not it end like this? After all, even Rose actress Kate Winslet has said, "Jack could have survived!"

Now, "Titanic" -maker James Cameron speaks up and explains once and for all why Leo had to die - and why all constructions are null and void. In a recent interview he says: "Look, on page 147 of the script: Jack leaves the door to make room for her to survive, As simple as that."

How heartless is that, James ?!

But Cameron also has a more factual analysis to offer. He says that as good as the Mythbusters solution sounds, it's not realistic: how could Jack have put his and her life jacket under the wooden door in the icy water? He would have been busy for five to ten minutes - with no chance of survival.

His thought behind the scene: Jack had gone into the water, but tried to keep his upper body afloat so he might have been pulled into a passing lifeboat.

Unfortunately, we all know how it all turned out - and we cried all bitter tears. Thanks, James Cameron! Thanks for nothing. :-(

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