• July 10, 2020

Hugh Jackman: Skin cancer is back - for the sixth time!

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Another basal cell carcinoma. Thanks to frequent body checks and amazing doctors, all is well. Looks worse with the dressing on than off. I swear! #wearsunscreen

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Hugh Jackman is battling skin cancer again. One year ago, the last surgery took place and now the actor has to get rid of a carcinoma again. In a photo he shows now with white plaster on the nose. But the 48-year-old gives a small all-clear: "Thanks to regular routine checks and wonderful doctors, everything is fine, it looks worse with the plaster than without." I swear! "

Appeal to his fans

Both in 2013 and 2016, the actor released similar pictures with plaster on his nose. It is now the sixth time in just three years that the cancer has returned to Jackman. But he does not give up and continues to appeal to his fans. It is important to him to warn people against the disease, so that they cream themselves before a sunbath.

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An example of what happens when you do not wear sunscreen. Basal Cell. The mildest form of cancer is serious, nonetheless. PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN and get regular check-ups.

A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on Feb 8, 2016 at 7:57 am PST

Last year, he wrote on Instagram: "An example of what happens if you do not use sunscreen, basal cell carcinoma, the mildest type of cancer, but a serious cause, PLEASE USE SUNSHINE and have yourself examined regularly."

Hugh Jackman Reveals Skin Cancer Diagnosis (July 2020).

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