Corinna Harfouch: Despairing for wrinkles? Ridiculous!

Corinna Harfouch is 58 years old and one of the most prominent actresses in Germany. In "Giulia's disappearance" she plays a woman who, on her 50th birthday, feels that she has become invisible to others.

As part of the theme week "40+ - now or never" on Arte and SWR, "Giulia's disappearance" will be on March 26, 2013 at 22.30 clock in SWR. More information at The film says: "No normal woman is celebrating her 50th birthday." How did you spend yours?

Corinna Harfouch: I did not want to party first. Not because of age - I find it generally exhausting to hold parties. But then I invited many friends, but not the sad and the depressive. I thought there was a need to dance at this party, everyone should be happy. It was great. As an actress you are constantly confronted with images as you used to look like. Is it difficult to get older in public?

Corinna Harfouch: You have so much time to get used to it. For many people, it may also be a consolation to grow older with them. And getting old has many advantages. You can sort things out properly, they are not so messed up anymore. In a way, you come to yourself.

"Bruno Ganz can kiss very well," says Corinna Harfouch. In "Giulia's disappearance" he plays the mysterious seducer. Giulia, the character in the movie, is like that. She disappears on her 50th birthday and then finds herself again.

Corinna Harfouch: The film is extremely problematic for this 50th birthday. You can do that in a comedy, because the topic is very poorly encircled. But I think it's time for a movie that shows how great it all is - without being cheap. This whining about age is a bit silly. Does not it matter if you turn 50 or 70?

Corinna Harfouch: I remember that when I was 30 I thought so much about getting older. I thought, then I lose my lust, my love lust. Horrible, how should it go without? This is all nonsense, you lose nothing. I've talked a lot to older women because I'm very interested in that. Of course, there are also negative aspects. A friend of mine, she is 70 and has a great life, says aging is terrible. Because you are no longer perceived as a woman, on the street or anywhere else. Therefore, she also works as a lecturer, because you have to look at her. They always seem very present.

Corinna Harfouch: Fortunately, I have a job in which I am inevitably perceived. But getting older does not go without pain. Are you afraid of it?

Corinna Harfouch: I can not imagine it all now. When the time comes, I will deal with it. But you can not be scared forever. I do not know that as a feeling, I have so much to do.

Men mourn much more for their youth. You can say that. You have been to many films recently.Corinna Harfouch: Is that so? I do not get it Can you say no to bad or are there so many offers that you like?

Corinna Harfouch: I also reject a lot. But there are films that I really want to do. And then there are situations in which one says to oneself: I have to earn this money now, because I have certain obligations. To which category does "Giulia's disappearance" belong?

Corinna Harfouch: (smiles) It's not that I have no criticism of the book. I think it's a bit easy. The people in the film have luxury problems. They are so concerned with the external effect that they do not even get to ask the really important questions. There is a single moment when everyone pauses for a moment when they talk about dying. I almost feel a bit sorry for this company, somehow they have nothing to cling to. One learns very little about the main character Giulia. Did that irritate you?

Corinna Harfouch: That was not the main reason why I accepted the role. I was interested in playing with Bruno Ganz again, even on this easy terrain. He is a gorgeous actor.

Giulia is missing on her own birthday party. Her friends wait in the restaurant and laugh away their fear of getting older. Can he kiss well?

Corinna Harfouch: Oh yes. He can kiss very well, I was really surprised. The other men in the movie are pretty funny characters. They feed their bellies and secretly apply wrinkle cream. Do you think that men handle age aging differently than women?

Corinna Harfouch: I have a feeling that men mourn unbelievably for their youth and for their opportunities to experience adventure. There are the yes to the end. But as many men define themselves very much about their outward appearance, they take it terribly important when it crumbles and crumbles. In my circle of friends, I see that women are more willing to learn something more, to think about themselves. What matters is to somehow balance his inner joys and his externalities. Then you do not have to despair because of a few wrinkles. That's ridiculous! The film also features two teen girls who seem to live in a completely different world. Do you sometimes have the feeling that you can not get everything anymore?

Corinna Harfouch: Constantly. There are so many things that I do not understand. For example, I do not have a computer, I do not know anything about the internet. Of course that means that I am excluded from a particular form of communication. I excluded myself.

I do not want to know what the future holds. Is that why you moved to the country to slow down your life?

Corinna Harfouch: I realized that I have to gather and need simplification. We have less and less time for friends, for the kids, or just to look out the window for half an hour with a cup of tea in our hands and watch the snow fall. I can not describe how nice that is. Heiner Müller once occupied you as Lady Macbeth. Later he said he chose you because you were so wonderfully provincial. Was he right?

Corinna Harfouch: Yes, he had. Luckily he did not say it directly to me then. I would not have understood it by the end of 20. This lady has the power of the province. She wants a place in a larger structure. People who have always lived in the city may not even know this feeling of having to get out. You always carry that in you. You wanted to get out of the Saxon Großenhain?

Corinna Harfouch: Yes, I wanted to leave. It was unimaginable to stay there. But you can not cut his roots. You just have them, whether they annoy you or not. It took a long time for me to accept this. What did life look like as a teenager?

Corinna Harfouch: I wanted to become an actress very early. The idea of ​​always sitting in the same chair in the same office made me ready. That is still the case. I organize the work so that I have nowhere to stay longer than I can and want. All my joy, but also bring all my anger, and then away - other people, different topic, different task. That keeps my energy going. Is this happening because of the fear of becoming too comfortable?

Corinna Harfouch: I do not know what it is. I am also very comfortable. But I am afraid that I can imagine what the next years will look like. That makes me restless. I do not want to know how it will be. How do you make decisions?

Corinna Harfouch: Spontaneous and very fast. I eat fast, I drink fast, I do everything fast. You are attached to the image of the "strong woman".

Corinna Harfouch: Yes, that's right. I find such restrictions a pity. I want to play everything - even if I can not play everything. What's wrong with you?

Corinna Harfouch: One of my first films was called "Das Haus am Fluss". For the role, I imagined a dreamy butterfly being and let me make licking. When I saw it, I knew I could not do that. Your son is also an actor. Did you advise him against it?

Corinna Harfouch: No, not at all. He also does music, with his brother. I'm a bit proud of that. But they do not like it when I talk about it like that ... As a mother you are so happy that the children are on their way. It's nice to know that somehow you managed that.

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