Cameron Diaz puts an end to acting? "I'm done!"

Actress Cameron Diaz (45, "Crazy for Mary") has largely retired. Public appearances are a rarity, her last Instagram post is from November 2016 and her last movie is also back in time. In "Annie" she flickered in early 2015 on the German screens. Should that have been her last movie? Her colleague Selma Blair (45, "Ice Cold Angel") has now chatted out of the sewing box ...

"She has a pretty great life"

On the sidelines of an event Selma Blair is said to have told media reports that she had recently been to lunch with Diaz. They would have reminisced about their joint movie "Super cute and super sexy" (2002). Would not that scream for a sequel? "I would have liked to do a sequel, but Cameron is retired as far as acting is concerned, she said, 'I'm done,'" Blair explained.

Then she blurted out that her colleague did not need to do any more films: "She has a pretty great life, I do not know how to get her to return, she's happy."

"It was just a joke!"

But before the fans of the actress now go into shock - Cameron Diaz, of course, will not go to Hollywood pension. After the news spread like wildfire, Colleague Selma Blair now clarifies: "BREAKING NEWS! People, please, I was just joking in an interview, CAMERON DIAZ is NOT withdrawing from whatever, and now for more breaking News: I'm retiring NOW as spokeswoman for Cameron Diaz. " Well then, everything is fine!

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