THIS is the most clicked wedding dress in the world

Wedding dresses are available in the most beautiful shapes and cuts. Since the decision is difficult to decide for one. There are so many possibilities: with embroidery, lace, short, long, decollated, with or without back neckline. If it goes to Pinterest, but there is a dress, which pleases to the gusto of many people. We will show you what the most popular and most clicked wedding dress in the world looks like.

This is how the dress looks:

This dress has been pinned 2.5 million times and sold 2000 times, making it a cult item among wedding dresses. The extraordinary thing about it? It is neither traditional nor simple. On the contrary: This dress has a very modern cut with many layers and a lot of lace. Thin spaghetti straps down to the lower back are sewn on a short underdress made entirely of semi-transparent lace fabric. From the waist, several layers of fabric fall loosely down to the ground. Through the many slits, the dress gets a breezy lightness - perfect for a hippie wedding on the beach or in the countryside with flower wreath.

The dress can be bought at the Australian Laben Grace Loves Lace. Although the original dress is already sold out, but there is the follow-up collection "Hollie 2.0" for a mere 1600 euros. And shhh! The label from Down Under also delivers to Germany.

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We are in love! And although the decision as to which dress it should be for the big day, is super individual and every woman would like to have one tailor-made, we are sure in this dress, that many will languish at this sight.

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I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish (July 2020).

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