These ladies do it: How government formation in Norway goes!

When you look at government education in Germany, many a man already gets a nervous twitch in his body. First the Jamaica bankruptcy, now the drama-kings and the "Queens" of the Union and the SPD.

In Norway everything was scratched after twelve days

Norway's elected representatives did not do it that way. Within just twelve days, they led and completed their coalition negotiations and finally presented the new government to their constituents. The motto that this government subscribes to would have been hard to come by even after twelve years: Make Norway "the world's best country for life".

The election results in Norway were as complicated as ours: red-green did not work, neither did conservative liberalism, nor did the right-wing populists play such a large role in Norway that they had to be integrated into the design policy long ago.

But are Norway's politicians, after negotiated nights, blindfolded in front of the camera and blaming each other? No! We only get to see that in Germany from our deputies.

Formation of a government - this is how it works in Norway

In Norway, the last acting Prime Minister Erna Solberg of the conservative party Høyre ruled together with the liberal party Venstre and? now you have to be brave? with the right-wing populist Progress Party.

The Christian Democrats wanted to integrate the Prime Minister actually firmly in the government, but they did not want with right-wing populists, and The 56-year-old is now leading her country with a Christian Democratic-tolerated minority government ? in Norway since 1971 an effective and successful system.

Three women in power

What unites the three governing parties alongside their goal of making Norway "the world's best country for life" is, among other things, the gender of party leaders: female, female, female. Sure, it would be extremely sexist, presumptuous, and limited to suggest that the three just because they are women have cobbled together a sensible government program. Negotiating skills, willingness to compromise and pragmatism are of course NOT gender-related.

But in Norway's case, once three women have taken the formation of a government in hand, successfully mastered and thus once again provided the actually superfluous proof: It is high time that women help the world as well as men? they can do it!

By the way: Erna Solberg's conservative party only went as second strongest force from the elections, most of the votes were won by the Social Democrats. Nevertheless, Solberg now remains Prime Minister. Also, that the second largest faction is the head of government, would set in Germany again nervous convulsions? this time, however, probably predominantly in a particular party ...

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