Super-Food Nuts: Which nut suits you?

Beauty boost for the skin and hair

The hazelnut: With its extremely high content of B vitamins (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9), the hazelnut is a true beauty booster and provides strong nails and hair. The cell protection vitamin, vitamin E, which protects our body cells from free radicals, is also more common in hazelnut compared to their "relatives". relatively high. So if you regularly include hazelnuts in your daily diet, you will soon get a nicer, more even complexion. If you use hazelnut as a salad oil, it will help lower your cholesterol levels, your blood lipid levels, and your blood sugar levels and activate the satiety in the brain. A true super-nut, the hunters and gatherers already used as a coveted source of energy. Effective beauty aids for skin and hair with Vitmain E and B can be found here:


Slim through almonds

If you are on a diet and want to get rid of a few extra pounds, then the almond is the perfect nut for you. A moderate fat content, especially from valuable unsaturated fatty acids and an ingenious mix of fiber, minerals, protein content and vitamins makes the almond the ideal figure-booster par excellence: Especially in the context of a diet, experts advise to a small amount (not more than a handful!) and to stimulate fat burning. But the almond has other valuable benefits: This type is absolutely basic and harmonizes your acid-base balance and is also prebiotic. Almonds get our intestinal flora going and thus also protect our immune system in the long term. The right accessories to process nuts to delicious spreads, milk shakes or Mus, you can find here:

Protein full

For the vegans among us is the peanut: The small kernels are an excellent source of protein. If you are a vegetarian, then peanuts are a great alternative to animal protein. It's best to eat the little nuts in raw form - unsalted and unsweetened. In addition to its high protein content, the peanut has a positive effect on your blood lipid levels and keeps your blood vessels young and supple. If you're reluctant to eat raw nuts, shakes or spreads are a great alternative with all the valuable ingredients.

If you would like to prepare peanuts yourself or are looking for reading for vegan cuisine, you will find inspiration and valuable tips here:




It is an integral part of the classic student food, which has been a diligent student of "brain food" for generations. supplied: the walnut. The reason: The high level of vitamin B6, which protects us from tiredness and nervousness. The cores not only soothe our nervous system, they also protect our immune system through their high level of trace element zinc. A great nut for strong nerves. Ideal as homemade bread. The right accessories can be found here:




Who likes to do a lot of sports knows them already: The cashews. The small delicately whitish shimmering nut is considered to be the satiety among the nuts. Because in comparison with all other? Conspecifics? Cashews contain a significantly higher carbohydrate and magnesium content than any other nut variety. After the work-out? Cashew nuts are an ideal small snack for athletic activity that optimally supplies your muscles with magnesium. With a fat content of just 42%, the cashew also counts as a very low-fat nut. But despite low fat content, the rule applies: the quantity is important! A handful per day? not more. Then they help to lose weight.

As a small snack always at hand in pretty bowls, so the healthy snack in between makes a lot of fun:

Conclusion:Nuts, with their high nutrient density, are highly concentrated cores that help to meet our daily needs for vital nutrients even in the smallest amounts. However, to benefit from the positive qualities of all five nut varieties presented, one rule is important: Delete salted or sweetened nuts from your diet. Because salted nuts increase your blood pressure unnecessarily and sweetened nuts contain extra calories. Ideally, you eat the nuts raw or process them into healthy shakes or spreads. The small power pacts are also extremely tasty as a topping for salads. Especially refined: they are especially delicious when roasted in a pan. Or you can enjoy the nuts as a snack in between.

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