Study proves: These colors are less intelligent

Are you going to have an interview soon? Or you wonder what you should carry to the next date? Then we can not only tell you which color you're always on the right page with, but also which colors are rather unfavorable if you want to be classified as intelligent.

So you are always dressed properly black, Because: Some time ago, a study found that this color makes intelligent and self-confident. But is there a color that does exactly the opposite? Yes! That's what a new study found out.

Black makes you smart, Pink and Brown stupid

In a survey in which about 1,000 people were interviewed, the subjects were to decide which colors - in relation to garments - they assign to which characteristics. The interviewees were very united: Who wants to be smart, smart and noble, should neither too pink still too brown to grab.

Also orange and yellow did poorly. On the other hand, people who turn to black or red clothes seem self-confident. But beware: Red clothes at the same time still got the stamp "particularly arrogant".

Scientists Reveal 13 Signs of Exceptional Intelligence (July 2020).

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