Oscars 2019: "Work without an author" has to be beaten "Roma"

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (45) was able to hope for two Oscars for his drama "Werk ohne Autor". As for "The Lives of Others", his new film was awarded as the "Best Foreign Language Film", but this time it was not enough to win. The big favorite in this category, "Roma" by Alfonso Cuarón (57), snatched "The Book of No Workers" from the golden boys. Also "Cold War" (Poland), "Capernaum" (Lebanon ") and" Shoplifters "(Japan) looked accordingly into the tube.

And even for the "Best Camera", which fortunately was not awarded during a commercial break, went "work without an author" empty. Cinematographer Caleb Deschanel was nominated for Donnersmarck's film, but in the end the Mexican Cuarón triumphed for his drama "Roma".

Directors Roundtable: Ryan Coogler, Alfonso Cuarón, Marielle Heller, Yorgos Lanthimos | Close Up (March 2023).

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