• July 10, 2020

Great White Shark attacks 15 year old? she saves herself by a courageous decision

"Ten seconds later, and I would have one less child": So drastically describes Chris Williams, in what danger his daughter Sarah hovered on Sunday. The family had taken a fishing trip near Adelaide on the south coast of Australia. The 15-year-old sat alone and unsuspecting in her kayak? until she was suddenly thrown in the air.

As in the movie "The Great White Shark"

She just messed around with her brother and sang songs, the Australian newspaper "The Advertiser" quotes the adolescents. "The next thing I know is that a shark hits my kayak from below," says Sarah. "It turned my kayak over ... When I hit the water, I saw the dorsal fin and the caudal fin and thought: This is like the movie 'The Great White Shark'."

In a video of the news channel 7 News, the bottom of the kayak can be seen, torn and bitten. Sarah herself suffered only minor wounds on foot and leg? thanks to a bold action: when she tried to climb back into her kayak, she touched the shark with her foot. She pushed herself against the animal, Sarah tells: "I used the body weight of the shark to get back up."

A father says he's just thinking about getting his daughter out of the water and getting away from the jaws of a great white that attacked her kayak. pic.twitter.com/fHVUUgoJpE

? 7NEWS Adelaide (@ 7NewsAdelaide) October 23, 2017

Her father, fishing in a motorboat a few yards away, responded immediately. He raced toward his daughter, instructing the 22-year-old son to grab her and pull her into the motorboat. The soundscape was indescribable, says father Chris Williams: On the one hand, the shark, which churned the water, on the other hand, the bloodcurdling screams of his frightened daughter.

Hai keeps following the family

According to the father's description, the Great White Shark is about four and a half feet long. Particularly frightening: After father and brother had pulled the 15-year-old into the other boat, pursued the aggressive shark the family on. Only a summoned rescue helicopter drove the animal out.

"I've never seen anything so vicious," Williams says in another report. He is now demanding to kill the shark before he attacks more people: "If a dog attacks someone, we'll put it to sleep, why do we just take a vicious shark?"

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