• July 15, 2020

Naddel: Despite liver cirrhosis, she continues to drink alcohol

There are people, you can only shake your head. Only at Nadja ab del Farrag a life-threatening cirrhosis of the liver has just been found. The disease, whose main cause is alcohol abuse, is incurable. The only chance to stop the progression of liver failure is the absolute renunciation of all high percentages. But that is exactly what Naddel finds more difficult than expected.

Nadja abd el Farrag: "I want to survive the summer"

"The doctor said to me: 'Either you can do it yourself or you have to be admitted.' I said, of course, I can do it myself, "said the 52-year-old in the RTL interview. So far she does not seem to take the words of the doctors too seriously:"Honestly, I'll have a glass of wine or something at the weekend, but everything in moderation and not the way I did it back then."

That her behavior can end up having fatal consequences, is the Ex of Poptitan Dieter Bohlen aware: "In any case, I still want to survive the summer, that sounds so dramatic now, and I'll definitely survive the summer."

Naddel is still in its infancy. In the disease, the liver slowly transforms into scar and connective tissue. And the more tissue is missing, the faster the organ fails. In the case of Nadja abd el Farrag, one can only hope that she realizes the seriousness of the situation before it is really too late.

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