Make advent calendar for vouchers yourself

Advent calendar for vouchers - that's what you need:

  • Chipboard, 60 x 70 cm, 1 cm thick
  • 29 golden nails, Ø head 6.5 mm
  • Sticktwist in pink, gold, nude and white, via
  • solid 160 gram paper in pink, light gray and blue gray, z. B. Mi-Teintes paper from Canson, via
  • thin, black pencil
  • golden, shiny adhesive tape, via
  • gold and white striped masking tape, available at
  • hammer
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • ruler

Advent calendar for vouchers - how it works:

1. Cut wood panel in the hardware store.

2. Draw in marks for nails. Measure 6 cm from the bottom and 5 cm from the left for the left corner of the largest triangle. The nail at the right corner sits at the same height, 6 cm from the bottom, 5 cm from the right.

3. Insert 2 nails on the straight in between, 16.7 cm from the corner nails.

4. Mark triangular point: It is located 6 cm from the upper edge exactly in the middle (at 30 cm).

5. Create a folding rule on the upper nail and one of the lower corner nails, mark 3 points in between and nails.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. Make nails for 3 more triangles, which become smaller towards the inside, each at the same height. The tips are at a distance of 10 cm with each other, the distance between the legs is 5 cm.

8. Now stretch the threads - for the outer triangle pink, inside gold, nude, white take.

9. Knot the thread to a corner nail and pull it on the outside of the nails under tension three times around each triangle. Firmly tie the ends together.

10. Now hammer in nails deeper, so that the threads run close to the wooden plate.

11. From the golden, shiny tape cut off small snippets and paste the plate with it irregularly.

12. Glue through all 4 chipboard edges continuously striped masking tape.

13. Cut different sized cards from the paper. We have chosen the formats 5 x 7 cm, 9 x 6 cm and 7 x 10 cm.

14. Label the cards with numbers from 1 to 24 with black pencil and paint them with imaginative frames.

15. Write nice words on the back, give a breakfast in bed or a massage. Put cards behind the threads.


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