• August 14, 2020

German cuisine: home on the plate

German cuisine is luck, is love, is homecoming

Sure, there is more trendy food than the German cuisine, more noble, unusual composed. Food that does not immediately trigger heart failure at nutritionists. But neither nouvelle cuisine nor molecular gastronomy, neither sushi nor carpaccio from the ostrich have this very special something, this "Do you remember?" effectwhich immediately gives the deep feeling of security.

Only the German cuisine has: dishes, which one knows from home and for which one therefore never ceases to long, because they are part of the own history. With every bite memories are awakened: to beautiful moments, to funny, to beloved people who cared, comforted and spoiled one.

It's really true that eating is more than just food. German cuisine is happiness, is love, is homecoming - at home and with yourself. Whoever tastes of the kitchen of his childhood is back. No matter how far he left.

Traditional GERMAN FOOD in BERLIN | HUGE Eisbein and Boulette + Berlin Weisse | BERLIN FOOD (August 2020).

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