Farmer looking for a wife: Iris wants to go back to the dream figure by stomach reduction

In the house of the former "Bauer sucht Frau" - and "summer home of the stars" candidates Uwe (48) and Iris Abel (50), the beauty delusion has apparently broken out. Shortly after the pig farmer has let the crooked biter, now also his wife wants to undergo an operation. Iris wants her slimmer figure from days gone by and is planning to shrink her stomach, as RTL reports.

She wants to halve herself

According to her, her dream goal is 65 to 60 kilos. She had weighed so much in her early 30s, but now the scales have been showing a three-digit result for some time - 117 kilos should be up to date. "I would like to ride again without the horse breaking down under me, because I sit on it like a immovable Michelin male," she explains her planned visit to the cosmetic surgeon. In addition, there is "the really nice clothes not in tent size". She wants to say goodbye to about half of her pounds thanks to the intervention.

Also as a role model, she wanted to go ahead with the decision: "Maybe I can also motivate other women over 45 to do something for themselves and their bodies." Until her gastric bypass is used, she must first to self-help groups, nutritionists and psychologists. This year, therefore, it will not do anything with the procedure, she hopes for an appointment in the spring of 2019.

Only at the end of October had her husband Uwe after many years back to the dentist, where he had to let 15 teeth. At that time, Iris commented on the courageous step of her sweetheart with the words: "I'm very proud of my sweetheart. Today it's the dining room renovation."

I don't know what happened... (June 2021).

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