Eloy de Jong: "The hit has to fight against prejudices again and again"

In the 1990s, Eloy de Jong (45) was a celebrated pop star. With the boy band Caught in the Act ("Love is everywhere") flew him the hearts of thousands of girls. Now, the Dutchman is trying for the first time as a solo artist and dares it in a hitherto completely foreign segment for him: German Schlager. How it came about, he told in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Eloy, her first solo album is entitled "Head out - heart on". Do you let your feelings guide you rather than your mind?

Eloy de Jong: I am a creative person who thinks more and more with his heart than his head. My partner is more of a head-human. This gives us a good balance in our relationship. Because sometimes you need a little more emotion, but sometimes more rationality. But I always try to follow my heart.

Why are you singing in German now?

De Jong: I love Germany. We even bought an apartment in the Eifel seven or eight years ago. Every Monday I have German lessons. In addition, for me German is more similar to Dutch than English. For me it feels more honest to sing in German.

You were once a celebrated pop star. Why hit now?

De Jong: "Schlager" - that's a label. Schlager combines so much. There are the men with leather pants from the mountains, but also a Helene Fischer. It's hardly different. The hit has to fight against prejudices again and again. We could also call my music German pop music. In the end, it does not matter what label sticks on it, just listen to the music and decide if you like it.

Is it a challenge to sing in German?

De Jong: Of course you hear that I am not a native German. But that's not a problem, the main thing is the message of my songs arrives. The grammar does not have to be perfect for that.

You are still quite new in the hit world - how does it differ from the pop world?

De Jong: The hit world is more familiar. And it all focuses on the German-speaking world. With Caught in the Act we traveled in several countries and traveled to Asia and Africa. Otherwise there are not so many differences.

If you could pick a duet partner from the hit scene, who would you choose?

De Jong: Maite Kelly! We both have a similar past. In the 90s we were both big stars. There were almost always only the Kelly Family, Backstreet Boys or Caught in the Act on the front pages of "Bravo". And Maite Kelly has built up a new career in the hit. Today no one asks why she did that. I have the utmost respect for her.

Does it really feel like starting a second career for you?

De Jong: Yes, absolutely. I no longer have to play hide and seek, I can be myself, speak with my heart. Besides, I now know that I have my daughter and partner at home, who love me even without a career. That's what's really important in life. In the 90s I only had Caught in the Act. That was my life.

Are you still hoping that Benjamin Boyce will rejoin Caught in the Act? The comeback was originally his idea ...

De Jong: There are different interpretations of how the comeback went. All I know is that we wanted to start four again in the beginning. But then a few things happened that did not happen that way.

Was there a dispute with Benjamin?

De Jong: I have no contact with him anymore. That's the way it is sometimes in life. I do not hope anymore that he will come back again. I'm happy with it, as it is. He has his own career and that's a good thing. We continue to make Caught in the Act in threes. We were forced into a format in the 1990s, so it's good that everyone has the freedom to do what they want.

Your Banderfolg took in the early 90s through an appearance at "GZSZ" ride on. Could you introduce yourself as a solo artist today?

De Jong: Back then, we played Caught in the Act in 15 episodes of the soap. I could play myself as Eloy. That was the best part of my life. It would be interesting to do that again today. I could knock on RTL times - who knows if they open the door again?

Eloy de Jong - Egal was andere sagen (offizielles Video aus dem Album "Kopf aus - Herz an" (March 2023).

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