Eko Fresh: His video for "But" becomes a Youtube hit

So things are different: Since the integration debate surrounding the resignation of Mesut Özil (29) has broken out of the German national football team, numerous people have expressed themselves and often polarized and thus not just helped to calm the mind again , One who has now apparently hit the right nerve and the right tonality is rapper Eko Fresh (34). In his new song "But", the German-Turk masterfully deals with the topic.

The accompanying video has already been clicked on Youtube more than two million times. Tendency: strongly rising. When asked by Cologne's "Express" why he is just around the corner with an integration song, Eko Fresh replied: "It bothers me that the fronts are so hardened because I've never experienced it that way." It is not his job to evaluate the different views, so he takes in the play a kind of intermediary role.

Produced by Sammy Deluxe

In the song, incidentally produced by the German rap legend Sammy Deluxe (40), Eko Fresh first raps from the perspective of a German, who denounces the lack of integration of his fellow citizens with a migration background. With frequently heard slogans ("I'm not a Nazi, but ...") he represents thereby the view of a right-wing citizen of anger. In the second stanza then its counterpart is next.

In it Eko Fresh takes the position of a Muslim Erdogan fans, blaming the blame for the misery on the Germans alone that they could not accept his identity. ("I am lousy hypocrites, never wanted to have you with you") In the third and final section Eko Fresh appears as himself and tries to reconcile both sides. You've known each other for so long, usually have the same passport in your pocket and should now come down a bit again: "First, get your hands and relaxed."

Eko Fresh as the mediator

He thought that this dispute had been over since the 1980s and that he himself already had his "whole life between these two chairs". As a German Turk he does not understand that suddenly there is only the choice between "Erdogan and Böhmermann, between Bertelsmann and kebab man". Integration is just a feeling and it is hard to live together in one country. With a "But you do it!" Eko Fresh leaves the scenery.

The rapper was born in 1983 as Ekrem Bora in Cologne and grew up in Mönchengladbach with his Turkish-Kurdish mother. His father is the well-known Turkish musician and actor Nedim Hazar (57), who came to Germany in 1980 as a political refugee. In the beginning of 2016 Eko Fresh married his girlfriend Sarah, in June 2016 her first son was born.

"Punch a Nazi" (ft. Rucka Rucka Ali) - Social Justice: The Musical (March 2023).

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