Dishes with potatoes: Simply delicious!

Potatoes from the plate

Ingeniously simple: Potatoes from the plate with bacon and onions. In addition: sour cream. If you like dishes with potatoes, you should try this recipe!

To the recipe: potatoes from the plate

Asian potato and vegetable pan

Asian touch: Pan-stewed potatoes, vegetables and nuts.

Recipe: Asian potato-vegetable-pan

Potato wedges with pumpkin and mustard dip

Crunchy roasted: Potato wedges from the pan with pumpkin mustard dip.

The recipe: Potato wedges with pumpkin mustard dip

Potato cream soup with gratinated mozzarella baguette

Tastefully combined: Potato cream soup, gratinated mozzarella baguette.

The recipe: Cream of potato soup with gratinated mozzarella baguette

Potato and salmon casserole

Finely layered: Salmon and potatoes with cep cream - stewed in the oven.

To the recipe: potato salmon casserole

Potato stew with savoy cabbage and shrimp

Precious combined: La rat potatoes in dill cream with savoy cabbage and shrimps.

The recipe: potato stew with savoy cabbage and shrimp

Potato ragout with pork tenderloin

Fruity varies: Sweet potatoes with cranberries and pork tenderloin.

The recipe: potato ragout with pork tenderloin

Sausage potatoes with veal leg slices and tomato gremolata

Stewed Italian: Potatoes, veal slices and fresh tomatoes.

The recipe: stewed potatoes with veal slices and tomato gremolata

Three mashed potatoes

Pureed three times: with nuts, with truffle butter and basil, with red lentils.

The recipe: three kinds of mashed potatoes

We have even more delicious potato recipes for you.

6 Delicious Potato Recipes • Tasty (July 2020).

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