David Arquette: His bloody career as a deathmatch wrestler

The actor David Arquette (47, "Scream") has done it again: In a wrestling match, the ex-husband of Courteney Cox (54) was injured on Friday night. He took part in a so-called "death match" in which the athletes also accept heavy injuries such as cuts.

The US promiportal "TMZ" published pictures of the fight that show Arquette partially covered in blood. Of course, as always in wrestling, this includes a proper portion of show. That his injuries were at least partially real, the actor later documented with a picture on Twitter, which showed his damaged body.

He only needed a few stitches after the fight, which he lost by the way, to be fit again. For Arquette, this was not the first trip to the wrestling business. To promote his film "Ready to Rumble", in which he impersonated the professional wrestler Gordie "The Law" Boggs, he performed several times in WCW in 2000 and even became the official world heavyweight champion for twelve days. Since then, he appears again and again as a catcher in appearance, in recent weeks actually heaped. His current fight was already the fifth this year.

David Arquette Does Blade Job in Death Match (March 2023).

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