• August 13, 2020

Bake lactose-free: Christmas cookies for everyone!

Bake lactose-free - enjoy carefree

In the Christmas season, people with lactose intolerance no longer have to do without biscuits, pastries and cakes: in the meantime, in addition to milk and butter-free cookies such as macaroons and elite gingerbread, there is also a large selection of lactose-free cookies in the supermarket. Even better: bake yourself lactose-free! So you play it safe that the cookies are lactose-free and enjoy the nice delights of the Christmas bakery.

Baking lactose-free: alternatives to butter

Butter can be replaced by vegan margarine, oil or clarified butter. The advantage of clarified butter, or clarified butter or ghee: The butter taste is preserved. Clarified butter can be made very easily: let the butter slowly simmer until the milk sugar caramelizes and settles. Then the liquid butter seven - left behind clarified butter without lactose.

Lactose-free alternatives to milk

Instead of milk, lactose-free milk, soy milk, grain milk, for example from oats, spelled or rice, as well as nut milk, such as almond milk, can be used.

Soy milk: In Asia, soy milk is widely used in soybeans and water. With good reason: soy drinks provide us with protein and are low in fat at the same time. For cooking and baking soy milk is ideal; for the milk coffee to the pastry she can even lather up. Soya also contains lactose-free varieties of cream, desserts and margarine.

Grain and nut milk: Whether rice milk, oat milk or almond milk: Whole grain cereals or nuts are ground for all plant drinks of this kind, mixed with water and then cooked. Grain and nut milk are rich in natural sugars, protein and minerals. Although manufacturers add vegetable oils for the milky consistency, cereal drinks are very well suited as a low-fat milk alternative.

Incidentally, grain and nut milk can also be easily produced at home: Mix grain and / or nuts in water at a ratio of 1: 6, let it swell overnight and then finely puree. If you like, you can also milk the milk. It's especially quick with finished nutmeg.

Bake lactose-free - you should pay attention to this

  • When plant margarine on the ingredients - not every lactose free!
  • Dark chocolate is usually lactose-free. However, lactose is often added to chocolate baking and chocolate creations à la Mousse au Chocolat.
  • Also in flavors and additives can hide lactose. To be on the safe side, keep your hands off finished products.

Baking lactose-free - recipes for cookies

The good news: classics like cinnamon stars and macaroons are as lactose free as sophisticated new creations like walnut balm croissants. For all the following recipes you need neither milk nor butter - and the lactose-free cookies just taste heavenly - making lactose-free baking fun!

For those who still suffer from other intolerances or food allergies, or who consciously eat differently, we also have recipes for gluten-free cookies. If you want to make vegan, you will find it here as well!

HEALTHY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE | Sugar Free + Gluten Free + Dairy Free (August 2020).

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