Avicii: Unpublished track with Chris Martin appears posthumously

Believing the latest news about the deceased on April 20, 2018 star DJ Avicii, so could new songs of the Swedes still storm the charts for years. More than 200 unpublished tracks by Tim Bergling, as Avicii was called by a real name, should still be in the drawer of producer Carl Falk. Including a collaboration with Coldplay singer Chris Martin (41, "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends"), as reported, among other things, the music site "NME".

This message has proclaimed Falk himself in a now deleted post on Instagram. The song with Martin is therefore entitled "Heaven" and will soon find its way into the public. Falk's text also suggests that even an entire album might appear posthumously soon: "Yesterday was a strange and emotional day I somehow tried to get these songs done, it's not the same thing to produce without you I miss the way you look over my shoulder and doubt every little thing, every detail in the song. "

At the age of only 28, Bergling was found dead in Oman. A statement from his family later hinted that the musician had committed suicide.

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Avicii's Posthumous Album 'Tim' Expected to Include Coldplay's Chris Martin (March 2023).

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