Annual Horoscope 2019 - long version: Aquarius

Aquarius 21.01.-19.02.

Ruler: Uranus, traditionally also Saturn
Element: air
Mantra:Reason has limits, intuition does not.

Attunement for all zodiac signs

In 2019, the epochal triple constellation of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto is slowly forming, which will usher in a completely new era in 2020. And because the changes are so significant and profound, and explicitly because the meeting takes place at the sensitive end of the Cardinal Capricorn sign, the year 2019 presents itself as a phase of inner preparation and a pleasant time of attunement. In 2019 there will be strong shaking up of existing structures and power relations, economic systems will be called into question, federations of states and alliances reorganized, contracts possibly tipped over; and divide unions apart, then reassemble them.

Assistance comes from Uranus, who is now in Taurus on the road and serves a wide range and addresses issues such as security, finances, security in the existential. And in the historical view stands for exciting developments, technical innovations, scientific innovations. Also for new trade monopolies, spectacular regime change of unusual political coloring.

This has partly been reflected in 2018: change of government in Italy, termination of political contracts and agreements (especially by Trump). Beautiful Uranus in Taurus Corresponding is also the consolidation of power by off-line weddings. Then I spontaneously remember the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan, which truly represents a leap into modern, open, unbiased, inclusive thinking and acting. And could constitute a fortification of the royal house. The first paper money was also in a Uranus in bull phase? 1690- introduced, and now could be worked on this mode of payment reformingly, the digital payment become the established variant.

Mundanes is automatically reflected in the personal. In the individual experience 2019 is recommended to clean up, emotionally and in concrete areas of life. To find out if and where you still agree with your own life-themes, Saturn-Pluto-Intention is willing to open up new experiences, to allow mental assent, which has been avoided with anxiety, facilitates detachment processes in areas of life where constructs and concepts are alive prevented. Giving way to new impulses is the helpful inspiration of Uranus in Taurus. In particular, he also calls for refreshing relationship thinking and behavior, allowing or forcing a new relationship setting. Shadow themes in love and desire to track down, pick up and treat healing, is desired. Being free and yet connected in love, and all this with a high degree of responsibility, because Saturn and Pluto call for the latter, is a theme of the year. Love, and then do what you want, is Uranustenor but with the sub message, and what you can answer. Because whatever you design, change, or re-shape in 2019, under Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in 2020, is under critical scrutiny and in edit mode. This is also because Jupiter almost automatically demands an additional expansion, expansion of the personality and all life processes.

This is the year 2019 for Aquarius

Nice to meet me!

Life is experiment! In 2019, this beautiful Aquarius mantra will provide you with the right inner attitude, the positive flow of everything you encounter, both inside and out. Because 2019 is waiting with ambivalences and some circulating transits. Where ambivalence is an aquarius-type, and dealing with them ultimately represents your profession. Conspicuously and extensively occupied is your house of soul retreat, the inner chambers, including everything that has accumulated in you in recent times, but at least, for the sake of later inspection, has been set back.

Work-up is a real learning theme in 2019, whereby Saturn makes inner patterns, including those from the ancestral series, plastic. And your awareness of it growing that you encounter what you find to be contradictory, confusing and oppressive, over and over and over, until you understand that your own expectation draws on and creates these situations. Saturn intention is also to get you to crystallize what's left over when all the exterior, all the accomplishments, ministries, honors, and ordinations are removed. This consideration is for advanced learners, but allows one to come much closer to oneself and to the original purpose of being and acting. The old ideals and idols, the identity you have defined as yours, could fade, lose meaning.This can be emotional, unsettling, because the new self is still in design mode and therefore does not offer any support. Pluto also dwells in the house of the subconscious and now helps to uncover what your self-preservation looks like. With your attitude to fantasy, dreams and memories, dealing with symbolic languages. Information that comes to you in a nonverbal, sometimes almost intangible way. To open oneself to these wise influences, to take the inspirations seriously, especially as Uranus urges the discovery of new landscapes, both inside and outside, is helpful.

Everything new needs courage and humility, logical, rational weighing and a lot of intention. Lilith, wild, uncivilized, portraying the untamed power of femininity, will also help you in 2019 to come into your power, to position yourself, to emancipate, if there are areas where this has not yet been convincingly visible enough. The Inner Revolucer is always ready when you are regimented, corrected, instructed experience. The latter feeling could flood in 2019, especially in the home affairs, because here is 2019 Uranus to find; with accompanying departure wishes and impatience. And extremely fast conception! The then one-to-one and all loved ones and fellow human beings should muster. They are 2019, especially until May, not easy to care for, sometimes introverted, sometimes overpowering, but close to frustration and inhibitions, inner restraint to discard, and then to recognize their own truth and to be able to live.

Lust and love:

Have patience in all things, but especially with yourself. This wisdom you should always remember in 2019, because under Uranus in the soul house and in the area of ​​family origin, your temperament could become independent now and then. And emotionally approaching it a bit more turbulent anyway, but that has something to do with you as well. They are not consistently balanced, especially until May Lilith likes to let go of the Furies in you, if something does not develop as you thought or someone exceeds your red lines. For the latter, you are almost supersensitized anyway, because you feel the vibration of others intensely; even if you and others are not too close to each other, which might feel very different to you.

Absolutely important in troubled times is to feel at home in oneself. You should work towards this goal, which requires self-empathy, self-acceptance, both must and can be worked out in 2019. Because Saturn and Pluto make again conscious, which friendly, but also unfriendly instances in you visit and in which way these act on you, sometimes even hammering. Only mindfulness and a self-installed traffic light system will help you jump to red when you feel pressured. What could happen quickly in 2019 because your need for space and space is growing, but your tolerance might shrink somewhat. But love and relationship also need closeness, exchange, being felt, felt and felt; an admission. Whereby the latter already represents the somewhat more qualified exercise, and must be scanned again and again, where the breakage or breaking point is, which must be orbited. And since in 2019 under Uranus suppressed personality parts can erupt almost eruptively, which can provide for a sudden, comprehensive change in the nature and behavior, music also comes into the love affairs.

To encounter sub-personalities who were unrecognized subtenants can initially scare you a bit, but your partner could be overtaxed at times. But, the wheel of development can not be turned back, and if this process is cosmically desired, it also has something sensibly liberating. What helps? To respond positively to the change, not to hold back, so as not to jeopardize the delicate peace, because the latter could even lead to dislocations. And while the temptation to flee into the world of work, but invites the lunar node, but this variant is only a postponement. The area of ​​friendships to devote more time is Jupiter invitation, and not only guarantor for joyful meetings, but also source interesting feedback. And compensation, because the du-side, the outside of the horoscope is weakly equipped in 2019, that is, it is you who has to approach the other. You have to open the visor, meet the other inviting. Of course, love has by no means forgotten you, on the contrary. They just have to advertise more consciously. And: The love of happiness lives on giving, not so much on taking! In August / September, you could find the absolute equivalent that absolutely shares your idea of ​​intimacy, while maintaining originality. To enjoy pure love then. You will experience a great deal of building and good in 2019 among friends.

Job and career:

Although Jupiter does not automatically invite you to work in over-flying mode in 2019, there is something better, Uranus permanent inspiration. Which can be a pretty exciting, sometimes exhausting energy. And requires a lot of balancing.On the one hand, it is about not putting the already worked out successes through permanent questioning, bringing about rework or total reorganization. The old artisan rule, never do the last strike, is now of high value, because this is known to spoil everything.

On the other hand, leaving everything in the status quo without puffing new visions and goals is neither Aquarius, let alone Uranus intention. Mentally, you are probably already playing with new job models, fixing a higher level, looking for something tailor-made, which is a reflection of your new sense of value. Much, especially the role you serve in society, the system in which you have predominantly moved, could no longer cover your cosmos of imaginations. You may be looking for content in new challenges, maybe you want to soften the structures a bit. But they are only at the beginning of a fairly comprehensive change process, and even under explosive Uranus applies, great needs time! Processes have their own momentum. Defining a long-term goal, targeting self-employment, starting up new networks, demanding or introducing a new corporate culture, all of that is actually possible. It is also absolutely conceivable, now, inspired by friends, to join new global organizations a little more strongly. Or, also typical of 2019 and Uranus would be to completely turn everything over, to put it in the foreground, which is diametrically opposed to the previous action. Aquarius is one of the beings who realize themselves in the unplanned, disordered, literally develop across the board, jump from one realization to the next, revealing not only courage to risk, but also a potential spectrum, which comes along without end. Life from impulse, is your distinguishing feature. Breaking up, even if the goal is not yet clear, as well.

This requires trust, this quality is to be seen in cosmic terms in 2019, because Neptune is in the House of Security, which expresses that there are on this planet anyway bogus security. The only exception to this is confidence in oneself, in one's own process, which will already take a good course. Cultivating this attitude is also professional start-up capital. And will be rewarded, for example, all of a sudden something positive, even miserable, money could come to you from any source. However, where Neptune is, is to expect wave-like movements, this also applies to the account balance. A trap should be avoided in 2019, which means: to persistently entrench yourself in the preparatory phase despite uranian input, not to get out of cover. The lunar node holds against it, he intones, the determination to find and fill, is now a matter of the heart.

Body and soul:

The strongest impetus comes from Uranus, who could be more in the house of mental upheaval rather driven. You may suffer from sleep disorders, but you may not suffer from them because your need for sleep is totally reduced. And you are so filled with ideas and expectations, flashes of inspiration cause you to experience sleep almost as a waste of time. This is astrologically understandable, but not really organism friendly. What brings you in a soothing flow? Artistic and creative hobbies now have something deeply relaxed, new friends that bring new insights and outlooks, also cause a positive body feeling, with common beautiful ventures, like to take a detour into the world of art, culture and philosophy, such as mood brightener.

The house of the collective unconscious, the very early, also prenatal memories, is strong and not uncomplicated occupied. It could be about dreams, film scenes, images that you can not classify, but come along somehow disturbing, maybe really upset. And triggers are to search for clues. Psychotherapies are 2019, under Pluto in the house of influences, which work from the past into the today, particularly salutary and increasing knowledge. Therefore, you do not have to dig up everything in the soul landscape, do not discover everything that lies within you in impressions, which also represent Achievements. But it can be very helpful to be able to distinguish what own experience and imprinting, and what transferred family heritage, also karmic imprints represents.

All that is to be worked on, and then, especially when karma and the resulting knots are solved, it can release a power and confidence that trigger an energy boost. The harmonizing work with the inner forces is also a good regulator of Uranian roughness in dealing with oneself and loved ones. To look inward, before you explode in the outside, what then affects again in the soul life, is the beautiful possibility. And: Those who storm Uranus-initiated through life, should pay attention to his steps, so as not to stumble.And whoever gets out of hand because of Uranus' grip on the ground should keep in mind: Every stop, every stumbling, is accompanied by a change of position, the world looks different, because it causes a short-term fright ,

Power sources:

  1. Shiva, a Hindu deity, is the master of dance, so long as he dances, it is said, is the creation. Also for you, if life does not vibrate, your energy system will stall. Her privilege is to become one with the dance. Whether salsa, rumba, jazz dance, it has to be fast, rhythmic.
  2. Aquarius distinguishes a fine sensor. Fragrances have an intense, harmonizing or invigorating effect, depending on choice and need. Vanilla and lavender are ideal for relaxing, and lemongrass and basil are energy-boosting. The latter also acts as a tea or spice in the organism.
  3. Fengshui, practiced on an emotional level, helps clear headball, clear out.
  4. The work with the inner team, which motivates inner voice, which cross drivers face the new? Enlightening findings are promised.
  5. Aerobic dance or power meditation according to Osho also Capoeira, Uranus energy just needs spout.
  6. Ice Dancing

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