60 years of canned ravioli: "On you, old dumpling !?

In canned ravioli, the ghosts divorced. Some shake it at the thought of the soft dumplings with the indefinable filling, while others lick it all ten fingers. I belong to the second category because I love canned ravioli. If I could, I would probably even bathe in it. Such a nice thought! No wonder I'm pretty thankful that on May 14, 1958, the first can left the Maggi factory, and soon after became a blockbuster. Dear Maggi people, at this point once again a big compliment for this Clou. You probably would not have dreamed it at the time to launch a cult product on the market.

Canned ravioli are nostalgic on the tongue

The good, old Maggi-egg ravioli from the tin are for me not just some trivial ready meal, but pure nostalgia on the tongue. Since I can think, there is in my life? every now and then - canned ravioli. You just know what you have. Camping with the family: The dumplings were the safe emergency nail. School trip to the countryside: At the campfire, we gleefully smoked our ravioli directly from the tin. As a child alone at home: Ab in the pot with the things. Short of cash in the study: Canned ravioli stuffed the hole in the stomach and made only slightly larger in the purse. Festival summer with friends: The perfect foundation was called canned ravioli. At all these adventurous moments, I think back with joy and a satisfied smile on my face. And that's probably why that's what makes things so happy for me today when they're flopped for lack of time. land on my plate. Canned ravioli simply taste of adventure and joie de vivre.

The most consistent meal of all time

Another big plus of this simple meal: the persistence of the taste. I think it's totally stupid, if things change the taste, which is exactly why I like for years. I could howl. Fortunately, this never happened with canned ravioli. The taste was always the same? no matter if in the vegetarian or meaty variant. Although I was always the meat eater, because in combination with the sauce was just a bit spicier. I just know what to expect when I open the can and I like it at a time when a new, funky food trend is waiting on every corner. Simple, delicious and consistent: these are canned ravioli. Not the worst qualities for a meal.

Love canned ravioli, over the next 60 years!

I am firmly convinced that the canned ravioli will stay at the top of the ready meals for many more years. Why? Quite simply, our parents have shown us that canned ravioli are faithful companions when traveling and resting, and so will we with our own children. So at least those who let things come to those as well as me. Canned ravioli are simply cultural heritage and it should stay that way for the next sixty years.

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