Your compass - Aries


The primary source of your being is willpower and fighting spirit - not for nothing is your archetype the spiritual warrior. To give up? No way! You see resistance as an incentive rather than an obstacle, and so you master the life as an absolute lone fighter by bravely, spontaneously and always committed to your intentions. 2014 under Uranus even more than usual!

So, mindfulness is wise, and you should internalize that with willpower so beautiful things as love can not be compelled, and it would be a wonderful asset to you to just tamper with the events instead of paddling against the tide. Whoever has to win, and then you are poled in a family system, wears out his powers - and also competes in relationships.

On the other hand, there is no one who builds and coaches his fellow men like you! And for them you are an inspiration: refreshingly forward-looking, confident, unflinching, always able to re-motivate yourself, true to your mantra: every day you make a decision is a lucky day.

Aries BlackBird X10 #4: Calibrating the Compass (April 2023).