White T-shirts in the test - from cheap to expensive

Under the hood, for sports, casual with jeans or sleeping? The white T-shirt is a classic that hangs in every wardrobe and is simply indispensable. But which shirt should I choose for the oversized offer? For from 3 to well over 100 euros, there is a fairly large selection. We were wondering if the price of a white T-shirt really matters for good quality and comfort.

What was tested?

We have worn three different shirts from different price ranges for four weeks: a low to 10 euros, a organic cotton shirt for about 35 euros and a brand shirt for around 95 euros. The garments were worn during sports, at work, during sleep and in everyday life and washed several times.

And what does the subject say?

One might think that there are significant differences in quality, which are particularly evident during the test period and after washing. We have expected that the cheap garment after some time loosen the seams, the shape is lost through washing or defects in the tissue are recognizable.

Surprisingly, all three shirts of the various price classes score well and are hardly distinguishable from each other in terms of wearing comfort. Nevertheless, some points are noticeable:

The cheap shirt

The cheap shirt is from New York, costs about five euros and has done pretty well. It convinces with good wearing comfort, we could hardly notice a sweat under the arms. Besides, it has a comfortable fit and is only slightly transparent. Even after repeated washing it makes a great figure. In view of the extremely low price, however, one inevitably poses the question under which conditions the T-shirt was produced.

The mid-priced organic shirt

The organic shirt by Hessnatur for around 35 euros has a firm grip, feels comfortable, the test person has hardly noticed a sweat. It is also opaque and looks quite robust after prolonged wear and frequent washing. Although it is more expensive than the cheap shirt, however, the brand is committed to using the best organic materials, to dispense with the use of toxins and pollutants and commit according to their statement, their manufacturers and suppliers to treat the staff fair and appropriate to pay.

The expensive shirt

The classic by James Perse surprised us: The T-shirt is more crease-prone than the two cheaper ones. In addition, the subject has the feeling that she sweats in the article for almost 100 euros faster. It has a slight transparency, which looks very stylish. The brand has a Code of Conduct, in which it explains its social and ecological sense of responsibility in the production of its garments.


If you decide for quality, you do not have to dig deep into your pocket. However, if you want to be sure that the working conditions and the use of chemical substances are controlled, you should resort to trusted brands, which make it clear that the costs of manufacturing later in the sale price.

Comparing CHEAP VS EXPENSIVE: White T-Shirt Challenge | Milabu (January 2021).

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