• March 27, 2023

What to do against pimples?

Every teenager asks himself the question: what to do against pimples ?? and eventually gets the smart answer: Toothpaste on it. But that does not really help. Toothpaste has a drying effect on the skin, but can cause inflammation. Although menthol has a cooling effect in the toothpaste. But the fluorine in most pastes can ignite the pimple even more, it gets even thicker.

The question remains, what can really be done effectively against pimples. Healing earth can work. A mask can be mixed with the soil, the slurry dries from outside to inside. This develops a suction effect, metabolic products, cell particles, bacterial toxins can be absorbed by the healing earth. Also water-insoluble substances, such as sebum from the pores, can be removed. Zinc reduces sebum production and has anti-inflammatory effects. Many anti-blemish remedies contain zinc. Partially you can apply the ointment to inflamed blemishes at night. Lactic acid is particularly gentle and does not dry out the skin. Anti-inflammatory agents such as Niacinamide or pumpkin seed extracts help to prevent new pimples.

What else can you do against pimples?

Omega-III fatty acids in capsule form are worth a try: in the skin of acne patients, there are too few of them compared to healthy skin. Those who use dry acne medications benefit from Omega III capsules because they help to keep the skin supple. Even healthy diet can be a remedy for bad skin. Omega III fatty acids mainly provide vegetable oils and fatty fish such as. Salmon. Zinc is found in meat, fish and dairy products.

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