Violence in families: Are men the real victims?

He is right: We women are not innocent lambs. So far can I follow Professor Amendt. We are able to kill others, insult them, humiliate them, yes, some of them too. Unfortunately. Beautiful would be a world without nasty people ? but an illusion. That violence manifests itself not only in blows but also in psychological pressure? a bulrushthat was discussed at the beginning of the women's movement. But the attempt to market this thesis as somehow new is strange.

But the thesis leads to the goal. And Amendt's intent becomes clear when he says, "Mental violence is much more damaging in the long term than physical." In his view, this means that women who are brutally abused, beaten, threatened, beaten by their partners are not victims? they are perpetrators. Because, original sound Amendt: "Women offend and irritate men sometimes to the death! Some men then react with physical violence. So men are poor beings, they can not help it. Amendt thus reminds one of the arguments of some men, the women as well responsible for her own rape do. According to the motto: If you wear short skirts, you should not be surprised if men use force. A sad, a scary picture of a man, which Amendt designs there. Do we really want to go back there? Were not we farther, had we not realized that a sign of civilized society is the drive control? Equally dreadful is the idea that a woman should seek refuge together with the man who brutally abuses her in a family home. How does that work? "Honey, you hit me too much - let's escape." I have a lot of imagination, but I can not imagine a situation in which this could succeed. Do families in which violence prevail need help? and more than currently available. This aspect sees Gerhard Amendt quite right. However, that is not the task of the women's shelters. At first you only have to help the woman, quite partisanly. There is no other way. But in addition to protection, the family needs immediately a central contact point ? in which lawyers, doctors, social workers and therapists work together. The back and forth of various offices and responsibilities must finally be ended. What sold Amendt as a new idea, call women's house employees for a long time, supported by many women's organizations.

So why is Gerhard Amendt whirling? He wants the safe Prevent financing of women's shelters. The discussion about it has begun after tenacious wrestling of women's shelters at the federal level. Amendt is still there just slide and break a lance for men whom he sees as misjudged victims for years. A lobbyist, thenbut a pretty lonely one.

With its exaggerated, one-sided interpretation it reminds a bit to the early Alice Schwarzer. It spurred us women back more than 30 years ago, even though we did not take any turns with her. Amendt but finally finally the Men on the move bring. That can not hurt. Especially since I am sure: The very steep theses, very few will share with him.

Men Suffer Domestic Violence Too (July 2020).

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