This is how you make your business fit for online trading

If you're looking for advice on getting started in e-commerce, the helpful tips from Monika Velten and Alexandra Zanders came in handy, right? Together, the two strong women founded the online platform Styles4Work. Here, the two sell and design not only stylish business fashion, but also offer working women a platform for career-oriented topics. As a coaching duo in this year's initiative? Entrepreneurs of the Future? The two women now pass on their know-how to the participants for half a year. Because, as the two in the video already suggest: Who wants to sell online successfully needs a clever strategy. What type of marketing fits your business, does it make sense to be present in marketplaces like Amazon? "Many people think that just because you have an online store or offer their products on an online marketplace, does it sell on its own?" Reveals Alexandra Zanders. The two of us have revealed other, exciting tips that are important when entering e-commerce.

5 tips for getting started in online trading

1. Know your customers

What is my target audience and how do I reach it? Of course, the most important thing in e-commerce is understanding your customers. You should be able to put yourself in their position and think about how you want to reach them.

2. Know your competition

After the customer analysis should you look at the competition? and think about how to get rid of it. For example, is your product exclusive, your price particularly good or your service unique? Find out how your company is positioned in the marketplace and what your USP, your unique selling point, is. And then focus on your customers and your strengths.

3. Analyze your numbers

A business plan for orientation and key figures for the control are not only important in e-commerce? however, these are easier to measure in e-commerce. Using various tools can analyze your traffic? Use this knowledge to drive your business forward. Because an analytical understanding not only saves a lot of time, but also money.

4. Find and use (team) networks

Even if you have been in the business for a long time? Conversations with other entrepreneurs can inspire you again and again. So seek the exchange and dare to ask others for their opinion. Also, you can not be perfect in all areas. When team building, always make sure that competences are spread.

5. Stay tuned is worth it!

Not every success comes overnight, and on the way up there is always one or the other challenge to master. In any case: bite, carry on and? according to the "trial and error" principle? if necessary, adapt or optimize processes. This is what the female entrepreneurs of the future 2018 have successfully proven.

With the joint initiative? Entrepreneurs of the Future? The Association of German Women Entrepreneurs, Global Digital Women, ChroniquesDuVasteMonde Academy and Amazon are promoting for the second time owners and managers of companies that want to expand their stationary business by launching an online trade or expanding their existing online presence. At the core of the program is the individual accompaniment of all participants by expert coaches? all experienced company founders, e-commerce experts, Amazon retailers or bloggers. More information about the program can be found under:

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