• March 20, 2023

The Angelina Jolie quiz

The movie "Salt": Better than with the multi-faceted Hollywood mystery Angelina Jolie one could not have occupied the figure of the CIA agent Evelyn Salt. Not only in real life Jolie understands how to slip into many roles, even in the spy thriller remains unclear who this Evelyn Salt aka Angelina Jolie really is. By a defector CIA agent Salt is accused of Russian espionage. To prove her innocence, she resorts to the most dubious methods that dwarf her dubious identity. A terrific action-strip with a little bit annoying evil Russians cliché, which however by a brilliant occupation (among other things Liev writer, August Diehl) and a surprisingly exciting espionage story is made up for.

Fotoshow: You have never seen Angelina Jolie like this before

DOPPELGÄNGER von Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama & Daniel Craig | HIRSCHHAUSENS QUIZ DES MENSCHEN [HD] (March 2023).

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