That's why Heidi Klum is so successful

She is one of the most successful and professional Germans in the USA: Entertainer Heidi Klum (44). She started as a young model, who won a casting at a Thomas Gottschalk show in 1992. For the catwalks of this world, the native Bergisch Gladbacherin was with her 1.76 meters, but rather too small. And her feminine curves, affectionately called Hans and Franz, demanded a lot of stamina and discipline from the light-brown beauty, who mutated into a blonde over the years and back again.

Actually not the best starting point? how did it work anyway?

But together with dad and businessman Günther Klum (72), she raised an empire from the California soil, which became her adopted home. "When Heidi's career began, I was especially careful to protect her name and brand," he once explained his recipe for success.

Especially with cover shootings and commercials Heidi first successes. Her big break came in 1998 with a "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" cover. From 1999 to 2010 she was one of the famous angels of the lingerie company "Victoria's Secret". In 1999 and 2003, she received the great honor, the millionaire Fantasy Bra present at the famous underwear show.

With her appearance in November 2009 - just five weeks after the birth of daughter Lou - she said goodbye to this stage. In the same year, German Vogue even dedicated a complete 140-page monothematic June edition. We reveal the further pillars of their success.

Heidi Klums many talents

The casting show queen

Heidi Klum has become a real casting show queen. The 13th season is currently running "Germany's next Top Model" (Thursdays, 8:15 pm, ProSieben). The success of the previous winners - Lena Gercke, Barbara Meier, Jennifer Hof, Sara Nuru, Alisar Ailabouni, Jana Beller, Luisa Hartema, Lovelyn Enebechi, Stefanie Giesinger, Vanessa Fuchs, Kim Hnizdo and Céline Bethmann - can indeed be discussed. That Klum is successful with the casting show, but is obvious. After all, the show has been running since 2006.

The same is true of their US talent show "Project Runway", which has been looking for season by season the best young designer. Heidi Klum is regularly nominated for the Primetime Emmy in the field of reality TV. So far, she has been able to win it once in 2013.

And in the US talent show "America's Got Talent" (since 2006), she sits on the jury since 2013. As the transmitter NBC announced a few days ago, the 13th season (2018) of the program is being retreaded. But that does not affect the jurors. In addition to Klum, Mel B, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel will again decide on the talent of the candidates.

The commercial Queen

Another important pillar of her successful empire are her many advertising contracts that Heidi Klum has been able to land over the years: the entertainer has already been promoting the confectionery manufacturer Katjes, the shoe brand Birkenstock, the textile companies H & M and New Balance, the cosmetics and perfumery chain Douglas and Astor, the mail order catalog Otto, the automaker VW, the beverage company Coca-Cola, the fast food giant McDonald's and the hair styling product line Taft from Schwarzkopf ...

The fashion queen

Underwear and swimwear are not just a part of Klum's life during the Victoria's Secret shows. She also has her own line. Intimates is the name of the underwear and swimwear label by Heidi Klum. She is currently presenting the latest particles personally on her Instagram account. In January 2015 she took over the lingerie line of "The Body" Elle Macpherson (53). "Elle Macpherson Intimates" started in 1990 in New Zealand; Today the label is called "Heidi Klum Intimates".

Heidi Klum is also working together with the discounter Lidl for the third time. Since Monday (March 5) the new parts are available. This time, the collection revolves around the all-rounder Denim. Also the "Meeedchen" in the current "Germany's next Topmodel" -Staffel could already present the pants, tops and shoes - and everything, what they had, they got as a gift.

Heidi Klum has also released the baby and toddler collection "Truly Scrumptious". And as befits a solid star, there are also scents from her. "Shine", "Surprise", "me", "dreams" or simply "Heidi Klum" are the names of these. All variants are available online.

The thing with the jewelry, however, was not quite so successful. Due to a copyright dispute over a shamrock design, the jewelry collection was discontinued after five years in 2009.

The image queen

But not everything that Heidi Klum does is for the miserable mammon.In the numerous cameo appearances in films and series such as "The Devil Wears Prada" (2009) or "Desperate Housewives" (2010) should have been the fun even in the foreground. The same applies to the single "Wonderland" (2006), which she recorded with her British ex-husband Seal (55). The image care serve these entertaining performances always.

Speaking of which, Heidi Klum certainly owes her great success to her character and her image. Because in public she always radiates good mood. Also, just about everyone who dealt with her praises her great professionalism. She is reliable, persistent, organized, disciplined, authentic, focused and always with heart and soul in the matter. Not the worst image she has worked this way.

Your favorite people

Behind every successful person, there is a good team. In addition to Papa Klum, who was there from the beginning, these experts also pull the strings in the background: US Producer ("Project Runway") and PR Lady Desiree Gruber (48), Manager Brett Carella, Artist Agent Richard Weitz, Lawyer Daniel Passman, ...

And that would be the most important pillar of our success: the family. Officially, she currently consists of her parents, Erna and Günther Klum, and her four children, who she raises together with her ex-husband, British singer Seal: Leni (13), Henry (12), Johan (11) and Lou (8th). And should Heidi Klum soon have a man by her side, it certainly also does his part to ensure that the entertainer continues to go through life so successfully.

Heidi Klum talks about Christian Siriano (June 2021).

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