Summer preparation: In 8 steps to the holiday feeling

1. Prepare the complexion

For skin, as beautiful as a sky without clouds

"Cloudless Skin"? This term really exists. It's about a trend from Asia that describes a complexion as flawless as a cloudless sky. The trick is to recognize what the skin needs in order to prevent (permanent) damage such as pigmentation spots from even forming. "In direct sunlight, you should protect your skin with sun protection factor 30 to 50, depending on the skin type," says the Hamburg dermatologist Dr. med. Susanne Steinkraus. Because the irregular discoloration caused by an overproduction of the skin pigment melanin in UV radiation. Luckily, existing spots can be corrected. Active ingredients such as arbutin from the mulberry, licorice root or grapevine extract split the melanin in the skin, releasing it for removal? and immediately inhibit further color production. Most effective are special serums. "These concentrates contain up to three times more active ingredients than creams, because of their light consistency, they penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin and effectively prevent hyperpigmentation," says Steinkraus.

2. Start hair removal

With new, very gentle products

Women are flexible. Especially when it comes to hair removal. A Gillette study showed that they use an average of 2.5 different methods? depending on the body zone. Ben Wilson, Head of Science Communication at Braun and Gillette, commented: "Many women epilate on their legs, shave or wax under their armpits and in the bikini area, and they increasingly resort to light-based IPL technology." Because every body area reacts differently to the different hair path methods. Everyone has one thing in common: they are getting softer. Wet shaving is no longer a dramatic experience with new, integrated gel strips. Because the shaving head slides like butter over the body contour and indicates with fading color in the strip when the blade becomes dull. Increasing popularity is also enjoying the high-frequency light of IPL technology, with devices for home use. Wilson: "Our new development sends 125 flashes per minute, the energy of the light pulses damages hair growth cells and hair roots, stubble does not grow, the skin is spared." Sensors determine the skin tone, determine the appropriate light energy and ensure that there are no flashes on liver spots. More than a tiny pinch is not felt. When waxing, the Ziepen can unfortunately not be turned off, but once brings teeth clench but smooth six weeks rest. Sugaring, the sweet variant from the beauty studio, is even suitable for women with very sensitive skin and for allergy sufferers. "Sugar molecules are so small that they can penetrate into the follicles, so the hair is easily removed and does not break off," explains Monika Matel, hair removal expert at Senzera. And epilation becomes bearable in the shower, because heat opens the pores? the hair is more easily released from the root.

3. Rub soft, smooth skin

Regular peels for more body glow

Did you know that your skin renews itself daily, stacking an average of 14 grams of discarded skin cells on the surface? Time to get rid of these fine glow-swallowers, because light can reflect better on a smooth surface. Regular body scrubs free dry skin on the upper arms and legs, boost the microcirculation and ensure that the following care can be well absorbed and fully effective. To prepare for the summer peelings may be generously massaged once or twice a week and may be a little coarser. Salt or sugar crystals scratch the skin microfine and thus start the body's repair program for more smoothness and tenderness. Nice nourishing are scrubs with oils. And so that after non-greasy scrubbing nothing strains, apply a lipid-rich cream or lotion.

4. Feet care feet

Creams and in form (let)? The summer is running!

Feet are calculable: 26 bones, 27 joints, 20 finely tuned muscles and 114 straps make them into walking works of art that take us 8,000 steps through the area every day on average. What they can not do: Produce fat that keeps their sensitive skin in good condition. Cream, preferably daily, helps to keep the skin looking and elastic. Ingredients like urea make rough areas even softer. Even a DIY scrub out of a tablespoon of olive oil and sugar is great at bedtime. After rinsing off the peeling paste just pat dry feet, slip into thick socks and dream of the summer.And before you open the sandal season, treat yourself to a pedicure at Pro. So you lay a good base and just have to re-file regularly. So you do not carry uninvited souvenirs home, make sure instruments such as files and sanders have been carefully sterilized, and bring your own paint with you. Tip for the sensitive: New bubble sprays leave an invisible protective film of polymers that buffer the pressure when walking barefoot in shoes.

5. Paint the summer nails

Paint program with hand and foot

Holidays, freedom, candy colors: Pink, ice blue, creamy white and bright orange shine on the nails now. The mix of red and yellow gives a warm nuance that radiates joy, exuberance and energy. Orange is next to "Living Coral", the trend of 2019, the hottest color of the season. Styling tip: Orange looks great with jeans and white shirts. The best way to keep the paint on a polished surface. Before painting, shake the vial thoroughly to distribute the pigments evenly. Wide and fan-shaped nails can be optically straightened by the paint, if the sides remain free. Important for bright colors: Longitudinal grooves must first be leveled with a special nail filler, otherwise there will be stripes, and the paint will splinter off more quickly.

6. smile at the sun

With a particularly fresh look on the lips

You like to wear lipstick often? You're not alone with that. 3.77 million women in Germany love a colorful mouth. With a healthy, fresh and very sensual look, this summer you are at the forefront. With transparent colors, pure as tinted lipbalm. The delicate skin does that well. Since lips have hardly any sebaceous and sweat glands, but extremely many temperature and tactile receptors, we can feel everything clearly on the lips. For example when the skin is tense because it is dry. A scrub makes it supple, removes loose scales and stimulates blood circulation. Then fat from Lipbalm binds the natural moisture. Tip: If the sun shines, apply a UV protection here as well. Because lips do not form a protective melanin. By the way: kissing is not only desired in the summer, because it promotes the blood circulation!

7. Beauty snaps

Tight with the best mix of drinks and superfood

About 32.8 percent of women are convinced: beauty comes from within. But how does she get there? For we like to forget the simplest trick: drink at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea (about 10 glasses) throughout the day. So we feel fit, the skin stays clean and retains its elasticity. Speaking of: sun weakens the elastic fibers. Drinking ampoules with collagen can strengthen them from the inside. Also the trend vegetable kale acts like an inner beauty protector. The superfood of the north provides antioxidant plant matter, calcium, iron, vitamin K and C. Drunk as a smoothie, leaves a natural mix of kale and sea buckthorn the concentration of carotenoids, our skin's radiation, measurably increase after 14 days, studies of the Charité in Berlin.

8. Finally do sports

And demonstrably stop the aging process

Sport reduces stress, gives a rosy complexion? and extends the telomeres. These end caps of the chromosomes are a marker for cell aging. Unfortunately, they shorten with each cell division. The longer we live, the smaller the end caps. How do we manage to extend it? Latest knowledge: The solution lies in endurance sports and interval training. Both stimulate the body to resume the extension job. Prof. Ulrich Laufs from the University of Leipzig found this in a study of 266 subjects around the age of 50: "Telomere length increased by two to three times through targeted training of three times 45 minutes per week." But of course that's not the only reason for a youthful charisma. Is it about sports, equipment training or muscle building with your own body weight like Pilates provide for tight arms, legs and a firm butt. And by the way, the annoying winter kilos disappear through the excited fat burning.

Summer Stars: Everything is better with them

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Friend of the sun

Nurtures with plant extracts, is water and sweat resistant: cream "Compact Solaire Mine? Ral" by Clarins, about 37 euros

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zero points

"Anti-Pigment Dual Serum" is intended to reduce pigmentation and prevent new ones. From Eucerin, about 40 euros

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Shaving gel and body butter are integrated with the "Venus Snap ComfortGlide"! From Gillette, about 9 euros.

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Provide friction

With cellulose particles for fresh glow: "Super Body Peeling" by Dr. Ing. med. Schrammek, about 30 euros

© PR 5 out of 9


No fading thanks to UV filter: nail polish "L? Oxyge? Ne?" from Nailberry, about 20 Euro, about

© PR 6 out of 9

New tickling

Bye-bye, rough winter feet: two-part "peeling foot mask" with stockings soaked in active substance. From Oh K !, about 12 euros

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...thanks to the shell hair clips by Valet, 2-pack in pink or mint, about 40 euros

© PR 8 out of 9

Collagen Boost

More moisture and elasticity, less wrinkles: "Elasten" by Quiris Healthcare, 28 ampoules, approx. 89 euros, pharmacy-exclusive

© PR 9 out of 9


"Love Oil for Lips" pampers dry lips with acerola cherries, coconut and moringa oil. From Kiehl's, about 22 euros

© PR Once again Celine Dion now wears the trend hairstyle of the year? and looks years younger!

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