Spicy details: Is this the true reason for separation of Heidi and Vito?

During the relationship with Heidi Klum it was relatively quiet around Vito Schnabel. But lately Heidis Ex is making headlines that put him in a very different light. Recently, the 31-year-old was arrested for drug-related crime. Already there was rumor, if that was the reason for the separation. But now Hollywood reporter Amanda Champagne reveals new piquant details - and they have it all!

Reporter unpacks

We all remember last summer when a mug shot of Vito and a strange woman showed up in a London taxi? quite unpleasant for Heidi's ex-lover. But the insider reveals: She should not have been the only stranger to Vito's side!

Reporter Amanda is said to have met Heidi a few months ago at a party and was already able to hear a relationship crisis: "It was hard to miss how badly she talked about Vito, so only someone who wants to break up talks"she tells the 'Okay! Magazine'.

Did Vito have several women?

What Heidi has said exactly, Amanda does not want to betray, but she continues: "We have heard a lot in recent months, Vito is said to have betrayed Heidi, not just with a girl in London he wanted to downplay as a friend, but with several ladies!"

Did the reporter just want to make headlines or is there something about the stranger's rumors? So far, only Heidi and Vito know what lies behind this supposed insider story?

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