Relax - and lose weight

Tip 1: divert thoughts

Distribute post-its. It is always the same Grübelfallen, in which we completely unnecessary tap. "What if I do not finish in time?" "Hopefully there is no mistake in the design". In contrast, a little trick from the "cognitive restructuring" helps. Find out your stress thoughts, and how you can redirect them to new paths: For example, you glue post-its in your home and office, clearly visible: "I do one after the other." "It does not have to be perfect."

Tip 2: Get the head clear

Cool down with ginger water. Cool ginger water refreshes and makes the head clear again. It's best to prepare a large amount for the whole day. Here's how to do it: peel a piece of walnut-sized piece of ginger and roll it roughly. Bring 750 ml of water to a boil in a saucepan, add ginger pieces and boil for about 5 minutes (the longer, the sharper). Remove from heat and leave for about two minutes. Pour through a sieve. Allow to cool and possibly leave to cool. If you like, you can add slices of organic lemon. Tastes good with ice cubes too.

Tip 3: Power bathing

Go to Dive Station. Slip in and feel good, completely stress-free enjoy a wonderfully fragrant bath. What'll it be? Lavender oil, for example, calms the nerves and, finely dosed on pillows, saves sheep counting (eg "Thermal bath salt lavender & orange" by tetesept, "Lavender extra" by Primavera). Bath crystals or capsules with citrus or orange oil (eg "Wellness Oil Bath Regenerative" by Martina Gebhardt or "Bath Crystals Harmonie Pur" by Kneipp) provide fresh power. Citrus oils stimulate blood circulationbecause the skin absorbs it easily.

Tip 4: Play again!

Words puzzle. Random computer games are relaxed, scientists have discovered: The East Carolina University has found that simple computer games such as Peggle ( or Bookworm Adventures ( can reduce stress. After such puzzle or word games, the participants were up to 66 percent less tense. If you do not like word puzzle, relax with BriBubble or the fruit collector.

Tip 5: Release tension

Loosen muscles.Relaxation exercises according to the Mitchell technique. Physiotherapist Laura Mitchell assumes that people under stress take certain body postures, called "punching positions", they pull up their shoulders, put their arms close or stretch their heads. The relaxation exercises work on the principle of "reciprocal inhibition". In other words: If a muscle is tense due to stress, its opponent is always relaxed. Gentle joint movement and stretch of the skin should now improve the work of some opponents to relieve the tense muscles.

That's how it's done: Stand upright, do each exercise twice, hold the position for four seconds, and memorize the posture. Shoulder: Pull shoulders down, throat expands. elbow: Ankles elbows and turn sideways, but only so far that your shoulders can get stuck. hands: Fingers stretch and spread, in the palms a tension must be felt. hip: Turn the knees outwards, do not press the joints completely. Legs: stand on slightly bent legs. feet: put on tiptoe, move toes slightly, so that no cramping occurs.

Tip 6: Happiness from head to toe

Spa. Treat yourself, from head to toe. In the morning, hang the "Do not disturb!" Sign on your local wellness oasis. And then it starts!

A spicy shower scrub quickly rubs tired skin. Maritime mineral salts and finely ground ginger granules rid the pores of sebum and dead skin cells, lime brings the metabolism in the momentum and peppermint acts double clarifying - on the complexion and the mental chaos in the head (eg "Ginger Body Scrub" from Origins). Then cream is required. Creamy textures and a cocktail of minerals and vitamins nourish smooth and delicate (eg "Sensitive Body Mousse" from the skin care series "Skin Yoga Body" with shea butter and olive oil from Artdeco or "Baume Corps Super Hydratant" with essential oils from chamomile and Basil of Clarins). Make the creaming a little happiness massage: Studies prove the positive energy of petting for the skin. Because there are the most receptors for the happiness hormone endorphin. Stimulating their release with gentle pressure reduces the feeling of stress.

Tip 7: Fresh complexion

Anti-stress mask. Hide a pale complexion under a refreshing mask. Active ingredients such as grape seed oil and green tea extracts soothe and soothe redness. Minerals and trace elements activate the blood circulation and nutrient uptake (eg "Anti-stress mask" by Luvos Naturkosmetik with healing earth) .Then the complexion radiates and is optimally prepared for the active substances of your day cream.

Tip 8: Foot massage

Pressure thing. Massage your feet intensively with a rich foot care that keeps the skin wonderfully soft. Creams with the moisturizing agent urea prevent cornification (eg "10% urea foot cream" from Eucerin). When you apply gentle pressure during creaming, signals are sent to the appropriate organ - as in a reflexology foot massage. Neck and neck are for example associated with the big toe, the pressure point is exactly where the toe goes into the bale. Slight circling in the small hollow of the sole of the foot sends pleasant relaxation waves to the solar plexus. Important: Stop immediately if it hurts.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss (Guided Relaxation, Healthy Diet, Sleep & Motivation) (March 2023).

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