Ralph Siegel: In September he marries his "angel" Laura Käfer

In his age, composer Ralph Siegel (72) once again found great happiness. As reported by the magazine "Bunte", he will give his fiancée Laura Käfer a say on September 15th in Munich-Grünwald. Her encounter was fate, he revealed in the accompanying interview. "Heaven has sent me an angel," says Siegel.

"Seven coincidences" would have brought him and Beetle together in 2015. "My angel was living in the fast lane of the music business at the time and worked as a successful manager for DJ Antoine, a common friend who brought her to Munich in October 2015. We met at my house and eventually our friend fell asleep, and then we moved closer together. " Also the first kiss had fallen that evening.

The most important detail for the wedding is already certain, revealed Laura Käfer. "I'm getting married for the first time, and my dress is definitely white, so we decided to get a dress on holiday in Italy, and we bought my dream dress together at Le Spose di Rosy in Massa," the 35- Year old who has a little daughter from a previous relationship.

The custom that the groom should not see the bride in her dress until the wedding can not understand Siegel. "I've married three times before, the bride looks cute in every case - but I do not want to be surprised by the dress - that's just me," says the 72-year-old. Will be flirted in October in Florida.

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