Nostradamus Prophecy: Does Trump Lead Us Into a Great War?

The visionary powers of Nostradamus are legendary. The physicist, who died in 1566, is said to have foreseen, among other things, the Second World War and the attacks of September 11, 2001. Do his gloomy predictions also reveal something about the danger posed by Donald Trump?

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Many supporters of Nostradamus fear that Donald Trump will be "the third anti-Christian". The seer had foreseen three evil powers. Napoleon and Adolf Hitler should have been the first two - the third "anti-Christ" has not yet appeared.

Who is the third Anti-Christ?

The "Bild" newspaper interviewed the president of the "Nostradamus Society of America", Victor Baines. Baines has scrutinized the prophecies and says, "There is much speculation that the Apocalypse will come with Donald Trump, but that's not true." Steve Bannon is not the anti-Christian, no matter what he's talking about, according to the verses of Nostradamus is it a man from Asia. "

This is what the verses of the famous prophet call:The Empire of Fez will advance to Europe. Their cities will go up in flames and be cut by the blade. The great of Asia will come over land and sea with great troops and the cross will be hunted to death.

Europe at war

This third anti-Christian could start a war against the West, interprets Baines. And: America would be at the side of Europe in this war. And it could be that far in the next 20 years. Baines in the picture interview: "I hate to be the messenger of bad news, but Europe must prepare itself militarily and forge strong alliances, because it will be about the survival of Europe."

If it calms you down, the end of the world should not be this war. Thus, Nostradamus had prophesied that the earth would not set until the year 3797 - triggered by an asteroid impact.

Well, if that's not reassuring predictions?

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