No more back pain!


If the mattress is older than ten years, buy a new one (be sure to get advice in the shop). Exercise back and abdominal muscles with back exercises, this keeps the spine upright and prevents back pain from a bad posture.

home remedies

Keep your back warm (woolen undershirt, hot water bottle). A hot hay flower bath relaxes the cramped back muscles. Bring one pound of hay flower (pharmacy) to a boil in three liters of water, allow to steep for half an hour, pour through a sieve to the warm bath water. Bath for a maximum of 15 minutes as warm as possible, then go to bed for one hour. Otherwise, above all, exercise helps! New studies show that chronic back pain often only arises when one gets used to the fear of discomfort.


Arnica tincture or creams with cayenne ingredients promote blood circulation and relax the muscles. Rub in the aching muscles two to three times a day.

Alternative medicine

Painful tension in the area of ​​the spine relieves a massage on the sides of the thumb away from the index fingers. First work the right, then the left thumb 15 to 20 times slowly from top to bottom towards the carpal.

When to the doctor?

With constant back pain and when home remedies and exercise programs do not help.

Lower Back Pain: Don't Lie Down (December 2020).

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