Mel B: So dirty it goes to court

Mel B (43) has to defend herself against serious allegations: Her ex Stephen Belafonte (43) is said to be "TMZ" claiming that the singer is not able to take care of her children. Reason is her exaggerated alcohol consumption. Belafonte appeared in court on Friday, according to the report, with statements from people who were apparently close to Mel B. Even the former Spice Girl herself should have been on site.

One of the declarations that Belafonte submitted was to come from a man who looked after the two children Madison (7) and Angel (11). Madison is the common child of Mel B and Belafonte, Angel comes from a short relationship of the entertainer with Eddie Murphy (57). According to "TMZ", the babysitter claims that the children are seriously endangered because of Mel B's serious alcohol problem. The court documents allegedly also described how much the singer should have drunk daily. She is also accused of bringing various men home.

That's what Mel B says

Mel B herself said she was not an alcoholic, TMZ continues. She only drinks in company. She also denied that she was a sex addict. Belafonte apparently wants to be temporarily awarded the sole custody. The claims of the babysitter called Mel B "unbelievable" according to "TMZ" because he was an ex-employee who still has a bill open.

Mel B also appears willing to go on drug testing for a limited time to prove that she is able to take care of the children. In addition, her housekeeper reportedly stated that she had never seen Mel B drunk and that the children had never been in danger. Supposedly, Mel B and Belafonte have finally agreed in the judge's room - what, is not known.

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