Les Misérables: A movie to love and hate

Les Misérables for fans of Hollywood stars

"Les Misérables" is the event film of the year. In front of the camera a lot of well-known Hollywood greats and hopeful young actors have gotten together. Did the prospect of award nominations lure her? Or can you imagine why else would Gladiator Russell Crowe voluntarily squeeze himself into a uniform to sing 158 minutes into a camera? We neither.

It is clear: If you like the Hollywood movie set, then you'll get a lot with "Les Misérables". Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe face as good ex-prisoner Jean Valjean and evil ex-overseer Javert. The sympathies are of course quite clear here, but the role of the villain Crowe is really good. After all, Anne Hathaway, a trained soprano, as a prostitute Fantine touches our hearts with her performance of "I dreamed a dream". Also part of the party: Sacha Baron Cohen ("Borat") and Helena Bonham Carter as a bizarre-greasy tavern couple, Amanda Seyfried ("Mamma Mia") as Fantine's innocent daughter Cossette and Eddie Redmayne as revolutionary Marius. For male and female eyes, there is a lot to watch and to languish.

Les Miserábles for musical fans

Who likes musicals, will love "Les Misérables". Because here, above all: singing, singing, singing. Not only songs, but also spoken sentences are trilled - fortunately in English. And the music is really nice. In the run-up to much of the singing arts of the performers was blasphemed. If it does not matter that "Les Misérables" does not play professional singers, it will survive. And whoever solves his cinema ticket for a musical, gets something offered for his money.

Les Misérables for musical skeptics

You are not so keen on actors singing in movies? Then it's best to avoid "Les Misérables". Because there is singing, what endures the ear. In English, so bring your reading glasses with you if your English lessons are a long time ago and you do not have the best eyes - to follow the story, you'll need the subtitles.

Les Misérables for literature purists

Movies of good literary works can quickly go wrong. If you have not read the book, you have nothing to fear. This also applies to "Les Misérables". However, if you have read the book and are an ardent fan of this work, save yourself the filming better. Otherwise you will probably be disappointed in the end.

Can Oscar nominations lie?

Hardly any other movie has been so heavily promoted and hyped in the recent past so long before the official movie launch. More than 70 nominations and 30 awards have already been received by Les Misérables at international film festivals. After receiving three Golden Globes in the categories Best Picture, Best Actor in a Musical or a Comedy (Hugh Jackman) and Best Supporting Actress in a Film (Anne Hathaway), the Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled for February 24th Coronation: "Les Misérables" has received eight Oscar nominations. Can these nominations lie? No. But you can argue about taste.

And otherwise?

Where are the days when movies were manageable for 90 minutes? If you have a weak bubble, you should think twice about seeing "Les Misérables" in the cinema. Or you may ask beforehand if the movie is shown with a break. Of course, the movie makes more on big screen - but the 158 minutes can easily last longer than two and a half hours.

Trailer: Les Misérables

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