Kate Upton: She gushes about husband Justin

"I'm falling in love with him more, he's very helpful and a great dad!"

New mum Kate Upton (26, "The Schadenfreundinnen") raves in an interview with "Extra" about the father qualities of husband Justin Verlander (35). He changed diapers and adore daughter Genevieve, who was born in November 2018. About the little girl, the model says, "She's a really good baby. [...] She's a really sweet mix of us two." Only when the name was chosen, the parents had difficulties: "It's such a big pressure, even in the hospital, we have still puzzled," said Upton. However, Genevieve had been her favorite and finally the proud dad agreed.

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton Missed Their Wedding Because of the World Series (July 2020).

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