Katarina Barley: How is the new Family Minister ticking?

Katarina Barley has been the SPD general secretary since December 2015 and the face of the SPD election campaign since the nomination of Martin Schulz as chancellor candidate. Since then, she has been responsible for three defeats of her party in state elections.

Now it became known that the 48-year-old is to become the new Federal Minister of Family Affairs in June. She will take over the post of Manuela Schwesig, who will go to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as Prime Minister. Acting Prime Minister Erwin Sellering had resigned because of a cancer.

The native of Cologne has two nationalities

Your last name will be? Barli? pronounced, she lays value - "Barley as Harley?" she used to say. She is the daughter of a British editor of Deutsche Welle and a German doctor and has both nationalities.

Barley grew up in Cologne, which explains that she is a member of two carnival clubs. She studied law in Marburg and completed an exchange program in Paris with the? Diplôme de droit français? (Diploma of French Law). In the French capital, she also met her husband, with whom she has two sons.

The doctor of law was a lawyer for medical law in Hamburg, later she worked as a judge. Until her election to the Bundestag in 2013, she was a consultant at the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection in Mainz.

What could her family policy look like?

Barley himself has two sons, the bigger one is already out of the house, the smaller one is twelve. The secretary-general is trying to shake him free every other weekend, she said in an "image" interview. Barley knows from his own perspective how difficult it is to combine work and family at times.

Barley is a supporter of the "Elterngeld Plus", which introduced her predecessor: Instead of 14 months, couples can draw 28 months parental allowance, if they work part-time. Barley wants to allow fathers and mothers more flexible working hours.

Also creating "high quality care services"It is of central importance to her," as she writes on her website: "On the one hand, they make it possible for parents to reconcile family and work, and on the other, to enable children to learn together with their peers at an early age."

The care benefit rejects them because it keeps children away from early childhood education and funds that are needed to build daycare centers.

Barley also finds that single parent Earn support because they "do a lot." On her Facebook page in October 2016, she proudly announces the decision to extend the advance on maintenance payments. Since January 2017, single parents should no longer be able to receive maintenance from the Youth Welfare Office until their child is 12 years old. Unfortunately, the law has not been implemented until today, the start was postponed to July. But even that will not work. Let's hope that Katarina Barley, as the Minister of Family Affairs, will quickly put the reform on track.

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