In balance: Barbara Becker What were you most looking for when creating the second "Venice Beach by Barbara Becker" collection? And how does it differ from the first collection?

Barbara Becker: First and foremost, we wanted the basic concept of "Venice Beach by Barbara Becker" to be continued without repeating itself. So we deliberately avoided using non-essential elements in the new collection. The principle remains puristic, and there are clear, straight-line cuts. A new aspect and central element this time are noble shiny fabrics and special design elements: there are, for example, styles with metallic effects, coated surfaces or silver logo prints, plus subtle ruffling or draping. What criteria should good sports fashion meet?

Barbara Becker: I think that any kind of fashion, including sportswear, is primarily fun and has to underline the personality. And of course you have to feel good in the things. And the special thing about our collection is that it is so versatile: It is sporty, but still has clear lifestyle elements. How to best combine functionality and attractive design?

Barbara Becker: The partnership with Venice Beach makes this connection no problem at all. Already at the beginning of our cooperation, the Venice Beach team and I realized that we had very similar ideas about what we wanted to do: Of course, Venice Beach is about sports, but also about the transfer of the lifestyle idea into the world of sports World of sports fashion. This harmonises very well with each other. Which design process was the most fun to develop the collection?

Barbara Becker: I really enjoyed the whole creation process, from the first draft to the last darts. I like to try new things again and again. Although I have worked on different collections before, I designed sportswear together with Venice Beach for the first time. I find the moment particularly exciting when you can try on the very first sample parts: At that moment you experience, so to speak, first hand, how your own design idea looks and feels. Who is the collection for? (And which kind of sports is best for you?)

Barbara Becker: With the collection, we are targeting active, self-confident women who value everyday fashion and an attractive and individual charisma. In other words, to women who can identify with the philosophy of "change or accept, it? S your choice." The preferred sport is secondarily secondary? I actually wear the clothes all the time: for sports, of course, but also when I'm running errands, picking up children from school, or meeting with You are an avid yoga fan yourself - how did you come to yoga and what is the biggest benefit you get from it?

Barbara Becker: I think that yoga is an incredibly effective and uplifting sport. It just works very well for me: yoga has a positive effect on the body, is good for the muscles, balance and flexibility, as well as relieving tension and optimizing posture. In principle, I think it is important to incorporate sport - at least to a degree - into your life, whether it's yoga, pilates, swimming or jogging. What should you look for when buying sportswear?Barbara Becker: Of course you have to feel comfortable in the things first, but also good quality is important. Especially for women, the combination of both is usually an argument - so a high-quality, uncomplicated outfit, which then looks even more attractive and feminine. "Venice Beach by Barbara Becker" offers just that! Which part of the collection is your absolute favorite?Barbara Becker: I totally fell in love with the silver waistcoat "Bayside" in the 80s style - that reminds me a lot of my school days, and you can see the look everywhere right now. I really like the trousers "Hibiscus", because they combine well with the other styles. And of course, because she is incredibly comfortable, I can imagine that for everyday life very well.

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