• December 3, 2020

Hickey: How to make it? and removed again

Hickey: What's that?

In the Kamasutra, the Indian doctrine of love and passion, the hickey is considered a love token, as Sign that one is forgiven. A hickey shows that the wearer * in a fulfilled love life therefore, it is traditionally worn with pride and well visible to all others. Who does not feel like it ...

... However, from a medical point of view, this could happen again directly. For doctors, a hickey is nothing more than a Hematoma, ie a bruise or bruise, Unlike the bruise you catch when you hit your shin on the bed (which, admittedly, can be a love affair), the hickey is not caused by an impact, but arises by negative pressure, The effect is the same: Under the surface of your skin run small veins, so Blood vessels that are damaged and burst during the procedure, It comes to a so-called Hemorrhaging into the surrounding tissue ? so a bruise.

Hickey: Harmful?

Bursting veins, hemorrhaging? That does not sound healthy at first. But, in fact, a hematoma, especially such a gentle and tender as a hickey, is usually no problem for our body, The veins are usually repaired within a few hours (otherwise it would be problematic if your doctor would take your blood). The blood that has collected in the tissue becomes mined in the course of one to a maximum of four weeks, During this time the hickey changes its color as nicely as any other bruise: From red it first turns blue, then purple, yellow and finally brownish. So back to Kamasutra!

Make a hickey: That 's how it works

Popular places for the love marker are neck, shoulders and the area around the clavicle, Since the relationship seal is not only clearly visible afterwards, but usually already during the development for wearers and suckers connected with tingling and eroticism. If you have other posts? z. B. belly, thigh, flank, butt? preferred, you can of course also love each other there. However, your environment may not immediately recognize the love story as such.

No matter which point you choose, the principle of making a hickey is always the same.

  1. Mouth relaxed and slightly open start at the chosen body part of the partner as if you wanted to kiss him there
  2. Lips to one Circle or oval shapes (O or 0)
  3. Suck! On the one hand, this should be strong and intense enough, so that sufficient negative pressure is created and you achieve a visible effect. On the other hand, not so energetic that it hurts your sweetheart. Also, is it best to last for about 20 seconds? So if you spent yourself right at the beginning, you might feel dizzy ...

With your lip posture and your method you can influence the shape of the later Knutschflecks purposefully: A circular lip opening results in a circular love painting, an oval opening an egg-shaped. If you slip back and forth while making or change your lip posture, the hickey patch is usually less well defined and possibly also rather pale, but large.

Overwhelmed? Do not worry, in theory that sounds a lot more complicated than it really is in practice! With a bit of desire, passion and feeling, virtually every person can fabricate a love painting. Okay, the perfect hickey may require some practice. But Who does not want to use his treasure as a guinea pig, can use his forearm, for example ... 

Remove the hickey: The best tips

First of all, if you have a clear conscience (and not just strangely cuddled or something like that ...), there's actually barely good reasons to remove or hide a hickey, But some are embarrassed by their love of love before others? which is primarily due to the stubbornness and sexual bias of our parents, society and traditions. For those of you we have some tips on how to make a hickey disappear as quickly as possible or hide it unobtrusively.

Immediate measure with Knutschfleck: Cool!

Your sweetheart has finished sucking and you immediately realize: "That was not a good idea!"? Then quickly something cold on the snubbed spot, ideally a cool pack, ice cubes (but then a thin cloth underneath to exclude skin frostbite). A cold spoon or a pack of frozen vegetables do it's too. This stops the blood pouring into the tissue and with a bit of luck his love will not leave any marks on your skin? but in any case a smaller than without cooling.

Late help against Knutschfleck: warm!

After the action comfortably lolled or fallen asleep and a day later shocked when looking in the mirror? Then you can safely eat your frozen vegetables and Treat the dyed spot with a heat treatment instead. Hot water bottle, heat pad, even sauna or a hot bath do well and cause the blue spot to break down as quickly as possible. The heat stimulates the blood circulation and accelerates the healing process, It is best to heat the hickey several times a day for up to 20 minutes.

Alternatively, you can go to the pharmacy and z. For example, you can get heparin ointment that you apply to your blue love spot. If in doubt, ask the pharmacist for a cream for hematoma.

Plan B: hide the hickey

You want your hickey to be invisible on the spot? Then only one thing helps: hide! Turtleneck, turtle neck, scarf, scarf? whatever your wardrobe gives. Alternatively, you can cover the discoloration with make-up or camouflage.

About Knutschfleck you are already out? No problem! We also have a few tips on how to get the perfect kiss from the tongue, and we'll tell you what you should know best for the first time. And if you're interested, how does he fall in love with me, and what do butterflies in the stomach really mean? with us you will find answers!

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