Helene Fischer - The Stadium Tour 2018: Why is your stadium tour not sold out long ago?

Helene Fischer (33, "Farbenspiel") has been holding the German charts and concert halls firmly in her hands for years. After their successful indoor tour, which lasted from September 2017 to March 2018, Fischer's stadium tour in Leipzig started last weekend. Each year around 40,000 fans enjoyed Fischer's pompous live show on two consecutive evenings. However, the approximately 42,000-strong stadium was not sold out on either of the two evenings. And there are still maps available almost everywhere for the upcoming twelve concerts. In part, the crowd of spectators even stay out ...

For example, if you take a look at which and how many tickets for the concert in Munich are still available at the ticket providers on June 29th, you will notice: some places are not filled. The same applies to the following concert in Nuremberg (1 July). In Gelsenkirchen (3 July), however, significantly more places will remain vacant. It could be very bitter for the singer in Berlin on 8 July in the Olympic Stadium. Because there are about half of the ranks empty by then. Admittedly, these two stadiums are also two of Germany's biggest concert locations. Nevertheless: Only the concert in Frankfurt can hold up the sold-out sign on Helene's stadium tour in 2018.

Helene is always and everywhere

It seems like a kind of Helene-Fischer-Overload set in which the singer could well be responsible. To clarify: Between her last concert in the Munich Olympiahalle and the next concert in the neighboring Olympic Stadium are just three and a half months. And even though these are two fundamentally different show concepts, the time gap with the Helene Fischer Tourtross seems to be in the city of an average fan, simply too short. In addition, the tickets for such events are not the cheapest and one or the other fan will think twice about which of the two shows he would like to attend. Put simply, Fischer seems to have oversaturated Germany a bit.

In addition, the pop singer also fights with the international stars for the audience. To stay with the example of Munich: This year were already some world stars like Lenny Kravitz (54) or Shakira (41) as a guest - and there are even more. For example, redhead Ed Sheeran (27) will visit the Bavarian capital twice.

Record sales have gone down

Another indication that the hysterical Helene hype is probably flattened a bit, are the pure sales of their current album "Helene Fischer". While her last album "Farbenspiel" in Germany was about 2.4 million copies across the counter (that's twelve times Platinum), Fischer was able to sell "only" about one million units from her current longplayer (that's five times platinum) - until now, of course , And although the singles performed well this time as well, a mega-hit like "Breathless through the Night" is missing on "Helene Fischer".

But despite all that, one must not forget: The two tours to the current album will have seen over 1.2 million concert visitors in the end. This makes Helene Fischer one of the most successful artists in Europe. Maybe Fischer should nevertheless make a little noise again. Or as singer Pink (38) has said in her song "Leave me alone": "Go away, give me a chance to miss you".

Helene Fischer - Atemlos & Nur mit dir (akoestisch) - GelreDome Arnhem (July 2020).

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