Helena Fürst: Will your business idea work?

Helena Fürst (45) builds up a second mainstay: The ex-jungle camper wants to now (budding) stars with a coaching under the arms. According to her Facebook post, the Germans are specifically about helping them gain a foothold in the media, getting rid of gag-contracts and finding a suitable agency. Potential clients would have to describe their current situation and get discreetly "a guaranteed honest assessment of your situation and how you can manage to get into the media."

Why exactly is she the right contact person, she explains in another post: "Who can coach that better than me? None, because I've done the experiment itself, from the lawyer of the poor to the princess of the jungle." In addition, she has been active in the media industry for about 14 years - that the headlines were not always positive, she does not seem to be interested.

"Celebrity number against celebrity grief"

Instead, the expert obviously has a name in her head. At least she summarizes her offer with the words "celebrity number against celebrity grief" together. What costs a session, she reveals in the comments: "That depends on it.There is the variant by video or just by phone or in person, all a question of the price and the duration of the coaching."

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