Dungarees properly styled: So it is the cool trend part!

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Stylish with dungarees: You have to pay attention to that

The beauty of fashion? Everything comes back, but newly combined. So also the dungarees. Blogger Marina shows it off and shows that the pants with bib should not be banned from the closet. On the contrary - this season we wear it to a striped shirt, cool boots and statement sweater. The only fashion rule that should be considered as often: The silhouette must not be lost. Emphasizing our curves in the right places will turn the slumber outfit of childhood into a really cool look.

What trouser leg should I choose?

A skinny bib should either have a 7/8 length or be rolled up to the ankles. But not only dungarees with a tight leg look great, this season make models with an extremely wide Palazzo leg cut neatly. An advantage here? A few pounds too much fall on the other pants model barely.

And what fits as a top?

There is less definitely more here. With a dark leather bib, simple basics, such as a white shirt, complete the look and give it a casual touch. As brighter denim models attract attention anyway, a simple top is enough.

And which shoes fit?

Ankle boots with a little heel stretch the leg, but sports shoes with a platform also do. Daring, but super cool: Combat boots in which the trouser leg is crammed in.

Who has already cast an eye on the trend parts? Scroll down and be inspired!

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