Dramatic Post by Cathy Lugner: "Investigation with knock-down results"

Great concern for Cathy Lugner: The reality TV star has shocked his fans with a depressing message. On Instagram Lugner announced to withdraw for the time being from the public. The reason are health problems? exactly what she is suffering, but the 28-year-old did not respond.

Their statement states: "Unfortunately, I have been struggling with unsightly findings for some time now and today I have another investigation with knock-down results, so I'll retire for health reasons."

"I need a break now"

Her fans asked Lugner for understanding and consideration: "Do not worry, my great family is taking care of me now, and please be so kind, understand that for the time being I do not want to talk about it and just have to explain why I will not hear anything from myself ... I need a break now. Thank you for your understanding. "

To her text Lugner posted the hashtags "#dermomentindemallaufaufragmalaufdraßeltundthe supposedly strong ground sand drifting ..." and "#godiswithme".

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