Dakota Johnson: What was being talked about?

A picture of Dakota Johnson (29, "Fifty Shades of Gray") and Daniel Brühl (40, "The Scent of Lavender") at the candlelight dinner is not always seen. It was created during a dinner of this year's jury of the International Film Festival in Marrakech. It would be even more interesting to know what they were talking about at the moment, which seems to have surprised the actress.

Maybe even Johnson was just imitating the surprised reactions of those who can not believe that this year's jury is made up of more women than men. But at a press conference, Johnson had a good explanation: "I have the feeling that there have always been many women involved in the cinema - behind and in front of the camera, in and at film festivals, this time the jury is made up of more women and maybe that is one way to make it happen more often in the future, and I think that's great. "

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