• July 13, 2020

Christmas recipes that succeed everyone

These Christmas recipes put an end to cooking stress

Festive dishes are part of Christmas and sitting together creates a cozy atmosphere at home. But when friends or family are visiting, you want nothing to go wrong. And in the often stressful Christmas time should not worry even the Christmas dinner for hectic.

That's why you'll find Christmas recipes here that taste good - and succeed everyone. From celery cream soup to deer, wild boar or Brussels sprouts tart - all our Christmas recipes prove: You do not have to be a star chef to conjure up a great meal on Christmas table. In addition, you will find many ideas for traditional Christmas dinner.

And after the main course follows the highlight: the dessert. How about chocolate mousse or a baked apple? These Christmas recipes will give you a delicious party - without stress. By the way: If you still want to bake cookies, but are not master bakers, we have also put together good ideas for quick cookies and simple cookies.

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