Beauty Tip: This helps with stretch marks

A firm, flawless skin? Few women are naturally blessed with it. Hardly anyone who has no stretch marks. More and more stars and models are on this supposed flaw. Just recently, Chrissy Teigen, 33, posted a picture of her thighs on Instagram, which clearly showed she was struggling with tissue. How they arise, how to prevent them and what methods are available for removal?

What are stretch marks?

As the name implies, stretch marks are cracks in the tissues that develop when the skin has to expand. These are then visible as streaks on the skin surface. The scar tissue may appear darker or lighter and varies in severity. If the stretch marks are still fresh, they are purple in color. In this phase you can still fight it with care oils. After a few weeks, they become lighter and appear reddish, suggesting a healing phase. Whitish streaks have completely healed and are virtually impossible to combat without cosmetic intervention.

Stretch marks usually occur in places where the connective tissue is particularly stressed - on the buttocks, on the thighs, on the hips and on the stomach. In rare cases also on the upper arms. As a rule, they are caused by weight fluctuations, hormonal changes or genetic predisposition. Even heavy strength training can overstretch the skin, which is why many bodybuilders have stretch marks.

Stretch marks - how to prevent?

A healthy lifestyle can prevent stretch marks, but only conditionally. As already mentioned, a weak connective tissue is often predisposition. However, a balanced, vitamin-rich diet with lots of minerals, lots of water and enough exercise and exercise can help to keep the connective tissue as tight as possible.

Regular alternating showers also have a preventative effect because they promote blood circulation. In addition, body oils (such as almond or wheat oil) keep the skin elastic, which is why regular massages with a skin brush pay off. Existing stretch marks can be reduced with special creams and serums and promote the healing of the scars. Although the cracks in the skin do not disappear, they can be smoothed at least on the surface.

What can you do about stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a purely cosmetic problem. There are different methods with which optical success can be achieved. These include, for example, the laser therapy in which tiny flashes of light are placed under the skin. The high-dose light penetrates deeply into the lower layers of the skin, removes the scar tissue there and stimulates the cells to produce collagen. In addition, it causes the scars to take on the original skin color. As a result, the stretch marks are barely visible. According to experts, about five sessions are necessary, the treatment costs are on average between 75 euros and 280 euros per session.

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