Avengers: Infinity War: That's why Captain Marvel can take on Thanos

The blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" has left the audience with open mouths, goose bumps and certainly a big question mark. At least those who have dutifully endured until the obligatory scene after the end credits and do not know the comic book by heart. At the last second, Samuel L. Jackson (69), aka Nick Fury, uses a kind of pager with a logo as the final shot of the movie - that of super heroine Captain Marvel. But why should the shocked fans of the series draw new hope for all the departed darlings just because of her?

One of many versions

In the history of the comic series, many characters already bore the title Captain Marvel, but the film universe will be the character Carol Danvers (Brie Larson, 28), who slips into the superhero costume. With the first version of Captain Marvel in the 60s, they were even in litigation with DC Comics, because it was there, the figure is too similar to the DC hero Superman - already a first indication of how powerful Captain Marvel is ,

In fact, comics often refer to her as Marvel's most important female heroine and sometimes as the most powerful member of the Avengers. Like Superman, she can fly, has superhuman strength and stamina, and can shoot lightning from her palms. However, one of their powers could be particularly useful in the fight against Thanos (Josh Brolin, 50): Captain Marvel is able to absorb energy, to absorb itself and thus to become even more powerful. So also the power of the infinity stones?

So she came to her strength

Before Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel, she works for the United States Air Force. In a cataclysmic explosion, their DNA finally fuses with that of a powerful alien, just as the four members of the heroic troop "Fantastic Four" have come to power. Said alien named Mar-Vell will in the stand-alone "Captain Marvel" movie incarnate by no means less than Jude Law (45).

A heroine of days gone by

Said film will be released in cinemas in Germany on March 7, 2019, ahead of the untitled fourth "Avengers" section, which was announced on April 25, 2019. Within the movies, the time difference will be much larger. After "Captain America", "Captain Marvel" will once again be the first full-length movie, albeit in a not-so-distant epoch. Because the setting will be the 90s, which would explain why Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) uses a pager at the end of "Infinity War".

The strip would also have to provide a plausible reason why the mighty super heroine has been idle in all the other attacks against which the Avengers had to fight so far, and should now intervene in the events where everything already seems too late. But until that happens, the fans have to be patient for almost a year.

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