Anne-Marie: British singer is not just about men

Surprising confession by the British singer Anne-Marie (27, "Friends"). In an interview with the website "The Line of Best Fit," she explained that she also feels sexually attracted to her own sex. "I have always been not only attractive to men," revealed Anne-Marie. The same applies to women. She has never had the feeling that she has to tell someone that she is bisexual.

For them, that does not feel like anything special: "It's just that I feel attracted to someone I like." She also believes that everyone is doing so. Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson, so her full middle-class name, was born on April 7, 1991 in the British county of Essex as the daughter of an Irishman and a Briton. One of her greatest successes so far is the song "Rockabye", which she released together with the electro pop band Clean Bandid.

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Anne-Marie, bisexuality